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Question descriptionThis tasks is the addition to my last paper. The one on the nurse orientation program. I have attached a sample outline on how to complete the task along with the 1st paper that was written if you need it.Task : Introduction and Literature ReviewIntroduction:The Field Experience course represents a significant milestone toward completion of your MSN degree. This assessment will be the final task of the MSN Field Experience. For this assessment, you will create an introduction and literature review, which will make up the first two chapters of your written capstone document. Upon successful completion of this task, you will move to the capstone course, where you will fully implement and complete your capstone project. Chapters one and two of your capstone project will not be evaluated again in the capstone course but must be included in the final capstone document.Chapter 1: IntroductionA. Provide an introduction (suggested length of –6 pages) that explains the rationale for your project by doing the following:1. Explain the background of the problem.. Provide your problem statement.3. Summarize the scope of the project by doing the following:a. Describe the practice change, quality improvement, or innovation.b. Provide a rationale for the practice change, quality improvement, or innovation.Chapter : Literature ReviewB. Provide a thorough and well-organized literature review on your topic by doing the following:1. Review a minimum of 3 credible sources that were published within the last five years.Note: In order to prove that you have reviewed 3 credible sources, you will need to provide a list, in APA format, of the sources you reviewed for part B1.. Identify best practices for your topic based on the review of literature.3. Provide an evidence summary of the literature relevant to the topic you have chosen.C. Recommend a practice change, quality improvement, or innovation based on the findings of the literature review and evidence summary from parts A and B.D. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.
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