Review the links and information below regarding ethics.  After reviewing, discuss what you learned about ethics and how it impacts contracts and contract management.   Please review the below links to articles regarding unethical behavior with government spending: Some Browsers may have trouble with this link.  The Airforce GAO Paper is also attached to the forum if you have trouble.

Here is a link to the NCMA code of ethics.  Link:

Here is a link to the PMI code of ethics (PMI certifies program managers).   Link:

Here is a link to Government Fraud, Waste, Mismanagement, Misconduct regarding SBA Programs.


Also, consider any other recent news that you have heard about in this area as this continues to be a hot current topic with possible abuses such as government officials using private jets or using government planes rather than using commercial airlines.

Instructions:  Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

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