rhetorical acronym PAIBOC

rhetorical acronym PAIBOC

Task Sheet: Review and Presentation of Textbook

Task: You should have already read some texts that address composition, theories of writing, and best practices and strategies for effective instruction. There are other texts that will help you with both content and praxis. Think of the broader picture concerning the theory and application of writing pedagogy and then make your selection. The text you review for this project will also be one of the sources in your Progressive Bibliography or Reading List.

Brainstorm and Research Questions: 10 points
What is the general context of your selection? Articulate your main research question that will drive your inquiry and two related sub-questions that will also serve as a guide to this paper.

Statement of Purpose: 10 points
Use the rhetorical acronym PAIBOC to guide this pre-write. What is the overall purpose of this activity? Who will be your primary and secondary audience(s)? Are you addressing your peers? What other members of a specific discourse community are you thinking of? What specific information will you be looking for? What special benefits will your readers gain? How will you benefit as a scholar and a teacher of writing? Are there any caveats or obstacles that you must overcome to complete this project? Be sure to establish, describe, and discuss the general context of the topic.

Thesis Statement: 10 points
The thesis statement has dual importance. It identifies the issue or topic, and it shows the writer’s attitude to this issue. Once you have established your purpose, devote some time to developing the thesis that will underscore and shape your review. Writers will often place the thesis statement at the end of an introductory paragraph. This statement will shape subsequent discussion or explanation in body paragraphs of the written text.

Selection of the Text for Review: 10 points
The course instructor has shortlisted a few texts for this exercise. To avoid redundancy, this part of the project will involve some collaboration within the group.

First Draft: 10 points
Write a five page review (double spaced) of the text you have selected to read and analyze. Talk about the relevance of the text, how it presents a fit with your preparation for effective teaching of writing, and how it will inform your career. Remember to situate your discussion within the context of the teaching of writing and other forms of representation. You will print this first draft for the course instructor and share electronically for Peer Reviews.

Cover Memo: 10 points
Use the conventional memo format to write a single-spaced, one-page memo to the instructor. Describe the thought processes you went through as you worked on this paper. Discuss your reaction to the writing processes of searching, identifying, reading, drafting, reviewing, and revising as you designed and developed your book review. You should initial your memo by hand just beside your name. Submit all the above components along with this memo in the two-pocket, solid colored portfolio for the completion of this project. The Cover Memo is written last but placed on top.

Oral Presentation of the Text: 20 points
Prepare an organized power point presentation using the six-by-six rubric. You should include in-text citations as well as a final slide with References in the APA 6th edition format. The presentation should be 10-12 minutes with 10-15 minutes for feedback from your instructor and peers.

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