What followed through the next few hours as the contest progressed was a bright, sunny day, with students trying to focus their entries on contest’s theme of human values. Dr. Hamad Saif Musallam Al Busaidy, director general for Curriculum Development, Ministry of Education (MoE), Oman inaugurated the competition. Students from Omani Arabic, private (monolingual, bilingual and global), international and special education schools in the Muscat Governorate participated in the event. As in earlier years, children from the special education schools showed keen interest in the competition. Four students—two girls and two boys from a special education school—the Omar Bin Al Khatab Institute enthusiastically took part in an essay contest through the Braille method. “Last year, we had two students who attended using the Braille method. They were quite excited after last year’s event and they encouraged others to participate. Rafiq Kositji, a member of the judging panel of the event since inception said, “I am amazed by the number of volunteers, who work for this project. From a small beginning, this has today become a national event.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Hamad Saif Musallam Al Busaidy, the chief guest said, “It’s a huge event and a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in a competition that focuses on human values. Values, as we all know, are important in a society. Moreover, the event encourages them to focus on human values by way of preparation, where families and teachers also take part. He added, “I think education is a sharing process—among families, schools, teachers, students themselves and society as a whole. Students learn values from around them—parents, schools, their curriculum and also the society. Integrating all these elements will make students appreciate human values.” The chief guest felt that students should take up volunteering work, of their own accord, as it will help them in gaining values and shaping their character. Anuradha Surla, a coordinator of the SAI group explained to the chief guest that workshops conducted by the SAI group for various school teachers on the need and methodology of inculcating human values in teaching. Entries for the competition will be passed through a three-tier valuation, by a panel of three judges, drawn from the Community, MoE and from the organising body. The SAI Group, Oman comprises of a team of volunteers committed to human values in all walks of life. It has been conducting blood donation camps during the last two decades (recognised by the Ministry of Health) and Health Awareness and Education Campaigns for the needy. Besides, the SAI Group has been conducting workshops on Education in Human Values under the SSEHV model and value parenting seminars in various schools in Oman. It also conducts regular programmes on human values to various schools and has participated in showcasing human values at the MoE pavilion of the Muscat Festival. To commemorate the passage of 40 years since the Renaissance, the SAI Group, authorised by MoE, has completed 45 workshops on human values for school teachers of various schools. The SAI Group has also put in considerable effort to spread awareness about autism.

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