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Leaders must take time to ask and listen to suggestions not only to make employees feel valued but for the sake of their businesses. Asking questions can help develop critical innovative thinking and a call to action across the organization. Performance management has to be approached from an integrated perspective. Synergy has to be created between the performance management system and strategic planning, human resource management processes, organizational culture, structure and all other major organizational systems and processes. Individual, team and organizational strategic objectives must be harmonized. Without integration, no performance management system can succeed on its own, no matter how good the performance management system may be. The performance management system and tools must be designed to address the particular needs of organizations. The design process should involve thorough consultation with major stakeholders and especially with future users of the system. Consultation and interaction are necessary to build trust and relationships with employees and relevant stakeholders.

Trust is an absolute requirement for the success of the motivation system. Applying an incomplete system leads to loss of credibility, time, financial and human resources, and increases resistance to change and low acceptance of the new motivation system. The implementation of the motivation system has to be supported and driven by top leadership and management. Leadership has to be committed to implementing the motivation management system. Leaders should be encouraged to develop the capacity to create a shared vision, inspire staff and build a motivation system that drives the entire organization towards a common purpose. Organizations with the best motivation, results have strong value and vision driven leaders at the top who inspire people, communicate the vision, take risks, and provide support and rewards. A reward system that rewards high performance and discourages low and mediocre performance must be put in place. A comprehensive and holistic reward system, which includes various rewards such as financial rewards, public acknowledgments, merit awards, promotions, greater work responsibilities, learning and study opportunities, should be developed and communicated to staff.

Much greater emphasis must be given to non-monetary rewards. Mechanisms must be put in place to take corrective action against low performers. A proactive communication strategy and process must be followed throughout the implementation of the Motivation. In the planning and design phases, good communication will enable buy in from the major stakeholders. In the implementation phase, good communication will assist with managing resistance to change and building positive momentum. In the monitoring and evaluation phase, good communication will assist with learning and reinforcing achievements gained. Users of the system must be trained to communicate professionally and developmentally during the process of conducting motivation process and when communicating outcomes and feedback. Communication is one of the most critical success factors of the entire motivation system. Effective communication requires the provision of relevant information, ensures buy in from the users of the system, reduces fears and anxieties, reduces resistance to change, and generates commitment to the system. Performance management system implementation must be continuously monitored.

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