Seminar Reflection

Does the research and content presented in this course inform or relate to your individual Doctoral Study?
The content that is found in the research is useful, as it allows for the development of intellectual skills that can be used for analysis of a critical nature. This research is also suitable since it will enable the management of time and resources for easier information handling. This research also serves as motivation and increases the enthusiasm for this particular subject that has been covered here. It has also developed an essential knowledge base, which is necessary since it has led to a better understanding of the subject that is in discussion. The sense of dialogue with the teachers and students has given more information into the research study.
What research methods or strategic analysis approaches might be useful in answering the questions that you have posed?
The research method that will be used will be to do an explanatory research that has the purpose of the relationship which exists between two or more aspects of a phenomenon or situation. The exploratory research also done to explore areas where there is little known information which will serve to investigate the need to undertake a particular area of study. A descriptive research method is also suitable since it will describe a certain situation, problem phenomenon, service or programs. It also exhibits the attitudes that exist towards a particular issue.
Research Design
Consider the articles that you have read and evaluate how the methods of data collection, research statistics employed, and overall research designs have enlightened your individual approach to research.
The methods of research have created an insight and have provided some knowledge about the context into a particular topic. It has also enabled the distinction between what is important and what is not important. The use of group dynamics has also been suitable in giving more information that could not have been attained when done by an individual data collector. The information has also been enlightening since it has given information that would not have been achieved through other methods of data collection.
The research methods have also helped to formulate the problem in the research, develop the necessary objectives, and prepare the research design including a sample of the design as well as collection and analysis of data. The use of variables is also important since it allows for concepts to be operationalized in a manner that is measurable so that it is better to understand them. Thus the knowledge that has been acquired is useful to allow for the fine tuning of the problems that is being researched. It also brings out the difference between concepts and variables since concepts are mental images that cannot be measured while variables can be measured by subjective units of measurements.
Is there anything about your approach to your individual research that the literature in this seminar has reinforced or confirmed?
Individual research is quite simple and does not require many arrangements. Individual research may provide scanty information as compared to doing some group research. It can also be biased and the results can be based on what the researcher believes in instead of having a general view. It may also gather limited information as compared to collective researches. Group research would also be better than individual research since it allows for people to be able to build on the knowledge that others have especially when they interact with each other.
Were you exposed to any new sources of data that will be useful in your Doctoral Study?
Some new sources of data were observed. This enabled the increment of access of knowledge as well as the making of decisions by the researcher. Some of the data is some policy data that indicates how policies and procedures are done in this particular topic. The use of these new sources is important since it avoids the chances of monotony hence it serves as a source of more varied data and information as well.

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