The Shafia Murder, Trial and Convictions

The Facts, Charges and Defenses used in the Case

The Facts of the Case
This paper tries to explore a number of articles in the National post published from May 18, 2009 to July 18, 2009 concerning the trial of the three accused pertaining the death of the four family members of Mohammad Shaffia namely; Zainab, Sahar, Getti Shaffia and Mohammad’s first wife, Ronna Amir Mohammad.
Firstly, it is very clear that the death of the four named could not have been caused by a road accident as Hamed reported to the police concerning a minor damage on the family car.It is also evident that Mohammad’s family had gone for a trip at Niagra falls where possibly the death occurred.It is however unclear as to why they stopped at Kingston where the death of the four is believed to have occurred.However,it is not clear if all the family members were in the same car or might have used another means of transport to the falls.This paper will concentrate on the evidence provided by the National post concerning the trial of the named family.
From the evidence provided in the 30th day of June in the National post, it would be difficult to doubt the killing by the three accussed.The call to the police by Hamed Shaffia, just before eight in the morning, attests to this.It was not crucial for the son to call the police in Montreal concerning the damage he caused to the family car and later on inform them (police) on their lost kin. All this clearly show that the three killed the four in Niagra falls in the 30th Day of June 2009 during the night.This evidence, was sufficient to accuse the three in Kingston court (, 2012)

The Criminal Code
In his article, Shaffia accussed guilty of first degree murder, by Rob Tripp, it is evident that the three accussed were involved in the murder of their four family members. The article clearly indicates that the judge Robert Maranger of Ontario superior court of justice found the three guilty and charged them as follows.The three were all found guilty and accussed of four counts of murder. The charges before them were a deliberate killing of their four family members. First Shaffia, the father, was accused of killing his first wife, Ronna Amir, together with his three daughters. Secondly, the second wife was found guilty and was therefore charged of killing her three daughters and a step mother to Hamed Shaffia who was also charged of similar counts.The three were jailed for a life imprisonment (Tripp, 2012).

Defense used in the trial
According to an article by Tripp, published in the National post, Fahima Vorgetts,a US –based women rights activist was used to defend the three accussed.The activist indicated that she had been called by the late Shaffia’s wife and told her that she had received death threats from Mohammad. It is clear that Shaffia would only kill her when she divorces him and therefore did not kill her first wife as accused by the honourable court.
According to Tripp, the examinations undertaken could not exactly show where and how the four were drowned. The court therefore did not provide sufficient evidence pertaining the death(Tripp,2012)After a close examination in the various articles in the Canadian National post,the court did not provide sufficient evidence to charge the three accussed.Earlier on,the police were summoned by Hamed concerning the damage on the family car but they never turned up.Secondly,they had been summoned by the three accussed while in Kingston on the lost kin but never went to see the whereabouts of the lost kin.This could have acted as a defence to the accussed.
According to an article in the global news and Gazette, Shaffia’s mother could also be used by the defense team when she accused the crown attoney of making up stories at a murder trial (, 2012)

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