Read the following case study and write a 1-2 page summary based on the prompts that follow.

Bob Phillips is a manager for Sanford Express. This company provides courier service to local businesses in the Southeast region. The company is experiencing a 40% increase in their customer base.

Bob is faced with the challenge of hiring more employees to accommodate this major increase in growth. He is a relatively new manager and is concerned about his limited knowledge of recruitment methods and staffing practices.


What steps should Bob take to make sure he hires the right individuals for the company? Include the following information in your case study summary:

  • An overview of Bob’s case.
  • Key Issues or Problems.
  • Alternatives that Bob can consider.
  • A potential solution to Bob’s dilemma.
  • Your conclusion on the case study.
  • Relevant additional supporting research.
    • Be sure to cite any outside research sources.

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