Should You Forgive a Cheating Man? How to Decide

Uh oh – you found out that your man was cheating on you. Now what do you do? The big question is whether or not to forgive him. If you do, will he just turn around and cheat again, or does he seem truly sorry he hurt you and promises never to do it again. It’s a difficult dilemma for a woman – should you forgive a cheating man, or is it better to just end the relationship? Keep reading for some advice on figuring out what to do.

Why did he cheat?

When one of the partners cheats, it’s usually because there is a problem with the relationship. If you’re wondering whether to give him another chance, you might want to take a step back and look at how your relationship has been going over the past few weeks or months. True, he’s the guilty party – but perhaps there are things you’ve been doing that have contributed to his decision to cheat.

Most men cheat because they are unhappy with the relationship they’re in. Have you stopped trying to make him feel special? Do you demand his constant attention but refuse to accommodate his needs? Have you become a negative influence – constantly whining and complaining about every little thing?

All of these are big turnoffs for guys – and there are many more besides. Do your best to figure out what is causing the problems with your relationship.

If you plan to forgive him, don’t constantly bring it up

If you decide to give him a second chance, you will need to put the cheating incident in the past and move on. Sure, he hurt you deeply – and you have probably already let you know how it made you feel. However, if you want to have a chance at a new and better relationship with him, you can’t keep bringing up the past. That’s probably the surest way to ensure that he will cheat again.

If you can’t forgive him, move on

The truth is, once a man has cheated, chances are he’s more likely to do it again. If you can’t get past that thought, it is really time to move on and find someone new.

Having been hurt once, you will naturally be more cautious when forming a new relationship. Take your time getting to know the new guy, but don’t let the old guy’s cheating keep you from finding a great new relationship. Just be careful!

Use these guidelines to help answer the question, “should you forgive a cheating man?”