Diary project (Individual Project: choice 1)
In this project you are going to explore the encounter of two different civilizations: the Spanish and the Aztec one, through the eyes of a Native American. As you know, the Aztecs and their subjects did not develop a sophisticated writing system, which is why your role is to fill this gap.  Pretending that you are an Aztec person back in time, you will create an illustrated personal diary OR an illustrated newspaper entry describing the day of the arrival of the conquistadors into the Aztec Empire, and the changes they made in your life and the life of your community.
You may choose to write from the perspective of: Spanish and the Aztec one civilizations

  • Montezuma OR
  • An Aztec warrior OR
  • An Indian ally of the Spanish

Your diary should include at least 2 things that struck you about the Spanish civilization, 2 technologies the Spanish brought, 2 changes they made in your life and the life of your community, and how the people felt about the changes.
The diary should be a total of at least 1 page of writing (12 TNR; 1.5 space) written from a perspective of a diary writer (1st person singular) and include photos and, possibly, audio documentation. Students are encouraged to use various software.
In order to prepare the diary, it is mandatory to conduct research (details below).
Spanish and the Aztec one civilizations

  1. This is an individual project.
  2. The minimum length of the writing is 1 page
  3. Each date late will be penalized by -1 point of the project grade.
  4. You should provide a bibliography of minimum 5 sources (3 should be books) written in APA style and submit it together with your project.
  5. You may use a variety of software of your choice.

Spanish and the Aztec one civilizations

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