This assessment is in two parts:


PART ONE: (76 marks)

You will define a project and answer questions 1 to 9 in the form of a short report.


PART TWO: (24 marks) (14 in one review and 10 in the other)

You will peer review two projects by classmates and complete two reviews using the template provided. The marks awarded to you for your review will not affect the mark you classmates get for their assessment.


(100 marks / 40% of final mark)




For this assessment you are required to define a project and establish a project plan that that demonstrates an understanding of the concepts listed below.


The project may be taken from the real world or created for this assessment. Ideally it will be something related to where you work (if you are working), or another project which you can thoroughly research.


If you are not sure about your choice of project please discuss it with me BEFORE you start.




1.         State and explain the project goal, including the business case why the project is necessary.                                                                                                   (4 marks)


2.         Clearly define the scope of the project and the context for the work, including any implication from portfolio or program management issues.           (4 marks)


3.         Establish a WBS for the project, with clearly defined and logical phases for the project.                                                                                                  (6 marks)


4.         Organise each phase into summary and sub tasks with three levels or organisation.                                                                                                     (6 marks)


5.         Complete a Gantt chart and network analysis for the project to identify activities on the project critical path.                                                 (8 marks)


6.         a.         Apply the triple constraint to the project and briefly discuss the limits

within which the project must be completed.                              (4 marks)


b.         State the two biggest risks for the project and a risk management strategy for each.                                                                                 (6 marks)




7.         Establish


a)         all the stakeholders to the project, including a brief statement on their relationships to the project, so that their relevancy is clear.      (10 marks)


b)         a stakeholder management strategy (include outcomes and expectations) .                                                                                   (4 marks)


c)         (i)         stakeholder communication needs in relation to the project.

(2 marks)

(ii)        and the strategy to meet these needs.                             (4 marks)


8.         a)         Define and assign the necessary resources to at least five large tasks in    the project.                                                                                         (5 marks)


b)         Identify any opportunities on the critical path for project crashing by using extra resources. Your answer should include calculations of cost and time tradeoffs.                                                                                 (8 marks)


9.         Add project reporting milestones to the Gantt chart completed in Q5 and state the significance of each milestone in your project plan.                  (5 marks)


10.       Peer review of two classmate project plans. You must complete a review of two plans and answer the questions on the next page to record your input. You are welcome to share your review with your classmate before they hand in their completed assessment, although this is NOT required.




Project Plan by (Name):                                                                  ID:


Reviewed by (Name):                                                                      ID:



Your comments are confidential, unless YOU choose to share them with your classmate. I will not be releasing any information on the reviews.


REMEMBER: Your review will not affect the mark your classmate receives. It is a test of your ability to review a project plan, for which you will receive marks.



1          Think about and answer the following questions while reading the answers to questions 1,2,3 and 9.             (200 words as a paragraph please)          (4 marks)


a)         Do the goal, scope and WBS give a consistent and reliable view of the project?

b)         Could you begin the project from this information?

c)         Are there any obvious missing items or mistakes in the WBS?



2.         Have a look at questions 4, 5, and 6 (a & b) and answer the following questions.                                     (300 words as a paragraph please)          (6 marks)


a)         Do you agree with the way the project has been grouped into phases?

b)         Does the critical path and contingency plans for project crashing make sense?

c)         Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the plan from a perspective of risk management.



3.         Read the answer to question 7 and answer the following questions relating to the stakeholders’  strategy for the project. (200 words as a paragraph please)                                                                                                                    (4 marks)


a)         Can you see any problems arising from the strategy as outlined in the plan ?

b)         Does the strategy appear to reflect the importance of the stakeholder groups to the project ?


c)*       Comment on the significance of the stakeholder communication strategy in this project in relation to the three projects you have worked on (your own, plus two reviews).

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