I need your help on writing a strategic plan for real estate business for 3 – 5 years. 12 pages. All sources must be properly cited in the APA format.

1. Outline of the Strategic Plan
2. Executive Summary
3. Industry Overview
4. Discussion of business
a. Mission Statement
b. Type of business (service)
c. Proposed ownership/legal structure
d. Unique product or service you will offer
5. Analysis of business opportunity (Marketing plan and business plan)
a. Target market inclusive of potential customers and their location
b. Location of your business
c. Economic, demographic, and geographic factors which may influence the success of the proposed venture
• Marketing Plan
• Financial Plan

6. Self-Analysis
a. Actual personal experience, education and training in the area/industry of proposed business
b. Personal strengths and weaknesses which may help and hinder the venture.
c. Personal development plan which should include details for addressing and overcoming areas weakness.
d. Personal development plan for lifelong learning to keep up with ongoing changes in the marketing place.
7. Internal Analysis & External Analysis
8. SWOT Analysis of Real Estate Business’s focus areas 3-4 goals for each year with 3 to 4 measurable objectives for each goal. Goals can span for several years.
9. Long-term objectives
10. Strategy Analysis and choice
11. Critical Success factors
12. Controls and Evaluation
13. Appendix
a. Supporting Document

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