What exactly do you want to get from your article marketing campaign?   Well , let me make a wild guess. Just like any other article marketer, I’m sure you’re hoping to augment your traffic, increase your sales leads, and boost your revenue. I bet you’d also want to make some serious noise online and present yourself to online users as an expert in your field.  Well , here’s how you can make these wonderful things happen:

Know your audience. Before you can get positive response from your audience, you need to know exactly what they’re looking first. This will not happen if you’re totally clueless about these people. So, start the process by fully understanding your readers. Know their needs and demands and understand the reasons why they would want to read your articles. If you know what they’re expecting to get from you, the process of  writing  your articles and the process of making them targeted will become a lot easier.

Choose relevant topics. It’s important for you to make sure that you’ll only attract those people who are most likely to buy your products and  services . So, choose to write those topics that are closely related to what you’re selling. What I’m saying is don’t talk about health-related topics when you’re selling an eBook about affiliate marketing. Also, ensure that your topics are extremely interesting and relatively new. Your target audience will not pay attention if all you have to offer is old information that they do not need.

Use killer titles. Boost your open rate by making use of punchy headlines. People will get interested to open your articles if your titles are benefit-driven and extremely creative. It will help if you use the keywords that you’re targeting on this part. Keep your titles relatively short and make each word count. Lastly, strive to push your readers’ emotional hot buttons to get maximum results.

Always give your readers nothing but the best. Getting people to find and open your articles is an extremely enormous task so don’t waste your opportunity of getting them to click through your resource box. The only way to do this is to impress them. They’ll be happy if your articles are extremely informative, well-research, and useful. They must also be unique and pleasurable to read.

Distribute your articles. Give your articles maximum exposure by getting them published on all relevant directories. You can also post them on your blog, website, or on social networking sites. The more portals you use, the more inbound links you’re going to generate for your website and this will translate to better page ranking and increased traffic.

Give your readers a reason to click through your resource box. Be bold when writing your resource box as it’s the gateway to your website. Start by telling your readers who you are, what you do, and your expertise. Then, tell them how you can exactly help them out without being too wordy. You can then insert the link of your website and encourage people to click it. Don’t forget to offer freebies as this will definitely bring magic to your conversion rate.