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HomeworkMarket is a service, custom-made just for that: homework. As you first enter the website, you can see a bunch of teachers that are online and waiting for you to ask your question. We tried this interesting homework platform and came up with some pros and cons, as usual. But first of all, let’s get a little clearer on what we took into consideration when reviewing the site and how we acted. First and foremost, we checked the information about the company and then, of course, we went on to read the customer reviews. They’re a very important part in telling what a essay writing service is really about. Then we went on and search Homework Market on BBB and found no complaints. There is a big red signal here that made us believe this service could be some sort of fraud. We checked their physical address and it is that of a student post office box in Florida.

So, is this really a student’s own property, his big business or is it a bigger offshore company that uses a student’s box for an American business address? Strange. Anyways, we didn’t stop there and made our usual order on the site. We wanted our paper to be revised by an academic writer/teacher. Now, all of these being made clear, we will further present what we found out in detail. This is a platform designed specifically for doing your homework. It cannot write professional articles. Students have to register on the website and post their assignment. It could be an article, essay or a math problem. The service works through a bidding process. After the student has posted his homework, he will receive messages from different writers asking to do the task and also indicating how much that will cost. The student chooses and that’s it. In our test, we submitted two 1200 word essays.

The academic level was Freshman College and the topics were nothing complicated. Once we posted the assignments, we got bombarded with a lot of pop up messages from writers who were trying to offer their services. The design and the functionality of the site proved to be a very poor one considering this approach. One assignment had average quality, the other was poorer. Overall, the writing quality leaves a lot to be desired. There was no real insight and content, only form and formatting. By the way they were written, they looked like they were completed by non-native English speakers. The price you can choose based on your budget and needs. The custom writers are making their offers and you choose the one who you think is best suitable for you. You don’t get any discount. The only questionable form of discount you get is choosing the writer with the lowest charges.

It is simply a platform where the writers meet the students and they have to understand each other and work together freely, without being watched over by someone. No real evidence of a good customer support here, so if you have a misunderstanding with your writer, it’s up to you to do something about it. We don’t think it is a very good solution for completing your school assignments. There are better and more reliable platforms out there which do that for the same amount of money. HomeworkMarket doesn’t even seem to have a system of choosing their writers so that they can pride on having a team of professionals. There is no such thing here. They don’t have the means to control the quality of the assignments, so it’s up to you to choose the best writer and get the best content. Students need to be sure that their assignments are good quality and delivered on time and that they get what they pay for. This platform, we’re reviewing seems more like a jungle in which you don’t really know what will happen if you decide to enter. Their very chaotic website, the spamming, the pop ups messages, the red flags and everything seem shady. We cannot recommend it. There are a lot of other writing services that are really reliable and safe and where students know they can get the quality they have paid for.

The same concept applies for elementary aged students. Although you cannot section students off in a classroom, you can keep them away from friends that they will be distracted by. You can also ask them to turn off all electronics. At home or when working with a tutor, the best environment is a quiet area where the distractions are minimal. The student should have a space to work quietly so that he or she can maximize their performance and pay attention to their assignments. When they do not have this, this causes them to make more mistakes with their work because they are often unfocused. As a result, their learning suffers. Since young children have short attention spans, I often like to change things up when I work with them. This usually stimulates their mind and helps them to become more interested about the upcoming activity. Although there are several benefits from a routine, the redundancy of it can get old to a child with a short attention span.

How To Make A Lab Report Format

There are quite many requirements for how to write a lab report. At first, an author has to choose the right lab report format for his paper. The most popular option is a CSE style paper. In a laboratory report, one has to use a great number of quotes, to prove the principal statements and to provide examples for the insufficiently explored details. This citation system allows you to accommodate your quotes in the correct positions and in strict accordance with your thesis. The CSE offers three types of documentation, so you can select the most suitable system for every sample. In a long line of answers, the CSE style is the first right answer to the question: how to make a lab report? It should be laconic and pronouncedly significant. Also, the title provides only the needful information for the audience, so its size must not exceed 10-15 words.

The brief description (the abstract) describes the purpose of the study, the data and the main conclusions. Stick to the selected topic and avoid extra details. Describing the aviation papers topics, one has to summarize the principles related only to the selected topic, not the general statements about the aviation. The wordiness is a grave sin in the academic circles. Materials and methods. This chapter includes a list of the materials and methods used in the experiments. Describe every experiment separately from the others, to avoid any specific overlaps. Explain why you chose a specific method for every single problem. You have to concentrate on the specific methods, not on the general commonly used methodology. The audience will be interested in the description of the original research, not in the description of banal methods. For example: in a physics lab report format an author has to characterize particularly physical research techniques, not some trivial details of daily routine work.

The results should summarize the consequences of your study without a discussion of any kind. This chapter should contain only objective and impersonal information. Organize your data using tables, graphs, charts, etc. Focus on the type of the presentation that would help you to systemize results lucidly. In geology papers the most suitable type of the presentation is the graphs, in the medical papers – graphs or the diagram. Try to eschew the duplication of the data. Check the previous paragraphs to gain confidence that you are not replicating your work. The discussion section. This section contains the interpretation and explanation of the previously received data. Try to adhere to objectivity and to avoid all the subjective statements. If your results match the existing theory, focus your attention on the explanation of the data according to the original hypothesis. If your results contradict the primary hypothesis, then show the audience the whole way of thinking. References and literature cited. This chapter lists all the articles cited in your report. Include only those sources to which you have referred in the laboratory report, not the whole bibliography on this topic. How to write a lab report: conclusions and derivatives. The key-point in how to make a lab report is to demonstrate your capacity of the independent research and your ability to master the conventional techniques of writing and systemizing the received results. Using the aforecited recommendations, you wouldn’t need to as how to make a lab report anymore because you can easily compose yours. Do not limit your imagination with confines and boundaries, but adhere to clear rules in your research. That is a direct path, which will lead you straightforward to a perfect report.

When there’s this discrepancy between your coursework grades and your test grades, then your professors will question why this is. If you get caught cheating, then you could lose your scholarships, and face academic punishment. We can give you all of the test answers that you will ever need. Sound too good to be true? BBQ Papers has been a lifesaver. I had never been so overwhelmed in my life. I was working a full-time job as a bartender slowly trying to dig myself out of debt, while also attending the University of Phoenix trying to give myself better career options. I didn’t realize how much I was taking on. Here I was working 60-hours a week into the late hours of the night, and then having to wake up and get all of my coursework done after only sleeping for 4 hours. It wasn’t working out. I was stressed out of my mind.

Student Series: Keys To Writing A Phenomenal A+ English Paper

Updated on February 21, 2017 V Ron Dorn moreContact Author Welcome to the Student Series! The Student Series is designed to advise current or future students on all aspects of post-secondary life, from how to live healthily, to how to connect with your school and peers, to how to write a phenomenal paper. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this topic; I was a university student for six years, and for two of those years I was a paid teaching assistant who graded all manner of assignments and exams. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in English Language and Literature and World Language Studies from Queen’s University, and I have a Master’s of English and Creative Writing from the University of Toronto. I have been the recipient of the Queen’s Excellence Scholarship, the Maureen Morgan English Scholarship, and the Avie Bennett Emerging Writer’s Award. I hope that gives you a little insight (and some confidence) into my qualifications to write on such subjects.

The introduction is easily the most important part of an essay. The introduction sets up your entire project and most professors will tell you they have a good idea of the grade they will assign from that beginning paragraph alone. As a teaching assistant who has graded hundreds of papers, I have to agree. Having a clean, clear, specific, and informative introduction not only gets your paper going on the right foot but also gives the reader an indication of both the direction and quality of the following paragraphs. Think of your introduction as a map. You are giving your reader the general route your essay will take. All of the major points you will make in your essay should be mentioned in your introduction. In high school, we are sometimes taught to start our introduction with a “hook” – an interesting sentence, perhaps a relevant quotation or statistic, that grabs the reader’s interest and “hooks” them into reading the rest. By the time you get to university, however, you will find that most professors aren’t interested in these kinds of flourishes – they want clarity and concision. You’d do better to begin straightaway with your topic.

I have also collected examples of miscommunications, and failure to belong in some parts of the forum due to choices made by individuals unwilling to negotiate their personal identity and authority. I am not yet to the point of narrowing down what it is exactly that I have to say, or a specific question to be investigated. I had originally planned on using Gee’s study of discourses considering that clearly there are dominant/non-dominant discourses at work here. I expected to find some interesting relationships in an online atmosphere due to the large part that visual cues such as body language, facial gestures, etc. play in effectively communicating through ASL. But as I delved deeper into the community, I began to recognize more examples of individuals challenging (or feeling challenged by) how they view themselves, each other, and those outside their community. I decided that Wardle’s article was more relevant. However, because I have not yet had that “aha! ” moment of interest, I may end up changing my mind. Reading totalfratmove is sort of like whitnessing a train wreck.

On this webite, people in fraternities and sororities post about the behaviors which they would consider to be “norms” for other members of greek life. Other people comment on these posts and rate them too. WArdle’s ideas about “identity” nd “authority” are easily appearant through these posting as you can tell which people are more popular than others and which ones are sort of new and not really sure of what some things might mean. I coud further analyze it. Elizabeth Wardle: Identity, Authority, and Learning to write in New Workplaces. The online digital community that chose to observe was the dance community. While reading the different blogs of dancers and spectators I discovered analytical principals Wardle used in her article. More specifically, Identity is often used. An example being: One of the bloggers I observed is clearly biased against a high school dance team and wants everyone to that he/she identifies (and embraces it) himself as another dance team’s fan.

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Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Identify and explain at least four strategies of managerial influence. Give examples of how each strategy may or may not work when exercising influence, both downward and upward, in organizations. Give examples of each based on experiences you have had at a job. ’t always happen naturally in a group; it is something that team members and leaders must work hard to achieve. Question 8. Question : Which of the following statements pertaining to intuition is incorrect? Question 9. Question : Which of the following statements is NOT an accurate description of team building or the team-building process? Describe a situation where you have encountered unplanned change. What did you do? Would you do it differently now? Thinking back, what were the other options at the time and why did you not choose them? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. “People in this organization don’t talk to one another anymore. Everything is e-mail, e-mail, e-mail. If you are mad at someone, you can just say it and then hide behind your computer.” With these words, Joe expressed his frustrations with Delta General’s operations.

Was That Overconfidence, Laziness, Or Delusional Behavior?

My comments can range from none to numerous, depending on the topic and first author, but if something has my name on it, I almost always want to see the text before it is submitted for review and possible publication. The one exception involves abstracts written by a particular long-time colleague, but even in that case we almost always discuss abstracts we are co-authoring. On a few occasions, someone has submitted a really bad abstract with me as co-author and has not sent the text to me in advance. A bad abstract is one in which the text is (a) wrong, and/or (b) poorly written. In one case, by the time I saw the bad abstract, it was too late for me to do anything about it. I wasn’t the advisor of the student who wrote the bad abstract, nor even at the same university, but it wouldn’t have mattered; the advisor didn’t see the bad abstract in advance either. The student explained that no one had ever mentioned that co-authors should be given a chance to see and comment in advance on items submitted for review.

I was very angry. Only with great difficulty did I restrain myself from sending the student a sarcastic list of other common sense things that one should do. In a more recent incident, a former student — who does not write well and never has — submitted an incoherent and error-filled abstract with me as co-author. We spent many many years trying to solve his apparently intractable writing problems, but he clearly didn’t even run a spell-checker before submitting the abstract. Was that overconfidence, laziness, or delusional behavior? I don’t know, but the problems went deeper than just spelling errors; some of the statements and conclusions were bizarre. Am I being a perfectionist and a control freak? My opinion: no on one and yes on two, though regarding my control freakiness, a more accurate term is quality control freak. I don’t really think my reputation for good science and writing would be damaged by a lousy (co-authored) abstract every now and then, but I’d rather avoid the experience if possible.

I previously wrote about a situation in which a highly flawed manuscript was submitted without my seeing the submitted version, and that was very embarrassing. The manuscript was rejected and was never resubmitted in improved form, and now the project has moved on without me. Because the first author, a former postdoc, screwed up, I probably lost my one chance to be part of a publication for a project that I helped initiate. I have another colleague who tends to submit manuscripts after receiving what my co-authors and I think of as an initial round of comments, expecting to see one more version before final submission. Fortunately the submitted versions have been pretty good, so I have been more startled than upset by his precipitous submissions. Quite often I review or edit a manuscript that has a co-author whose work I respect and know to be of high-quality, but who cannot possibly have read the manuscript submitted for review.

A situation of exactly this sort came up just this week. I was asked to fix the English in a manuscript whose first author is not a native English-speaker. I could not help but notice, however, that every co-author is from the UK, so I asked the first author why my help was needed. The answer: the co-authors refuse to take the time to read the paper, but are insisting that their names be on it anyway. In the recent case of the bad abstract submitted by my former student, he has more at stake than I do. He is an early career scientist; this is not a time to be careless with work submitted for review. A colleague with whom I discussed this situation told me I should let my former student make his own way and succeed or fail depending on his ability to do good science and communicate, or not. That is, perhaps I should not have intervened to fix the abstract and should have let it be reviewed in its original submitted form. I agree with that advice in general, but in practice, it’s easier said than done, especially with a former student and especially if I am a co-author.

You can’t get yourself kicked out of school or even the class or it won’t work, (obviously)! Don’t bring a pencil, paper, your books, or anything that might assist you in learning. Be sure to be tardy, but not too late. Four minutes ought to do it. Don’t overplay your hand. Do, however, bring a couple of really stinky breakfast tacos and start to eat them. First period works well for this one, especially if your teacher emphasizes with your economic plight and lets you eat in his room. Take your time and spill some salsa on the floor and desk. Don’t ask, but just get up and go to the bathroom to get some paper towels to clean up your mess. Mash up a bunch of towels and get them soaking wet, but make sure that you have about twenty feet of dry towels dragging behind you. When you return to the room, march in as proud royalty, clean up your mess, smearing water and salsa everywhere but eventually actually cleaning up the mess. Don’t make it too messy because they janitor will get called in to mop it up and no one wants that.

DeVry-University BUSN 278 Week 4 Mid-Term Quiz

Get help DeVry-University BUSN 278 Week 4 Mid-Term Quiz. Question 1. (TCO 1) Why are budgets useful in the planning process? Question 7. Question : (TCO 1) Budgeting can be an important management tool if implemented properly. Identify several positive results when budgets are used properly. Identify several negative results if budgets are not properly implemented. Question 8. Question : (TCO 2) There are a variety of forecasting techniques that a company may use. Identify and discuss the four main qualitatative approaches, including their advantages and disadvantages. Question 9. Question : (TCO 2) Use the table Manufacturing Capacity Utilization to answer the questions below. Part (a): What is the project manufacturing capacity utilization for Day 16 using a 3-day moving average? Part (b): What is the project manufacturing capacity utilization for Day 16 using a 6-day moving average? Part (c): Use the mean absolute deviation (MAD) and mean square error (MSE) to determine which average provides the better forecast.

Question 10. Question : (TCO 3) Use the table “Food and Beverage Sales for Luigi’s Italian Restaurant” to answer the questions below. Part (c): Which forecast do you think is most accurate and why? Question 11. Question : (TCO 6) Jackson Company is considering two capital investment proposals. Estimates regarding each project are provided below. The company requires a 9% rate of return on all new investments. Part (a): Calculate the payback period for each project. Part (b): Calculate the net present value for each project. Part (c): Which project should Jackson Company accept and why? Question 12. Question : (TCO 6) Corn Doggy Inc. produces and sells corn dogs. The corn dogs are dipped by hand. Austin Beagle, production manager, is considering purchasing a machine that will make the corn dogs. 40,300. The machine will have a 12-year useful life and no salvage value. Part (a): Calculate the payback period. Part (b): Calculate the machine’s internal rate of return. Part (d): Assuming Corn Doggy Inc.’s cost of capital is 10%, is the investment acceptable? Why or why not?

State your presentation topic and explain why you selected it. What is the importance of this topic to your audience? How will you make it a win-win proposition? How will you frame the story to capture the audience’s attention? How do you plan on delivering the presentation? What type of visual aid will you use and why? With revenues dropping quarter over quarter and a 42% decline in the stock market price, Hewlett-Packard named Meg Whitman the new CEO. Watch the Meg Whitman CNBC clips and assess her leadership communication approach. · Did she demonstrate candor? · Was the communication consistent and aligned with the organizational goals? · Did she effectively communicate key messages? · What could she have done differently? · What did she do well? Assignment 2: Compelling Professional Presentation Due Week 7, Day 7 (Weight 20%) Becoming a great presenter gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself and grow within your career.

Compelling presentations have the ability to move ideas forward, build strong reputations, impress senior management, and most importantly increase personal confidence and access to roles and responsibilities that stretch professional development. The instructor will work with you to reserve a time in week 7 to present, or you may choose to record yourself and submit the presentation electronically. Please keep in mind that if you choose to submit a recorded presentation, you will also need to submit answers to the Q&A questions. An effective opening was used (clear objective, attention-grabbing, WIIFT, credibility, authentic voice, novelty/story element). A preview is provided (outline, etc.). Main points are stated clearly and are limited. Main points are presented logically and supported. Strong transitions are used. Interest is kept high (delivered with energy, enthusiasm, novelty, and/or interesting stories or statistics). The closing is effective. The presentation was targeted, clear, and persuasive. The presentation was delivered within the timeframe of 5-8 minutes.

Supported the presentation’s objectives. Added interest, variety, and impact. Used in a seamless, non-distracting manner. Body language was professional and appropriate. Vocal traits were professional, appropriate, and set the right tone. JWI 505: Business Communication Assignment 2 ©2015 Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University confidential and proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwise disclosed, in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University. The space and objects were appropriate (distance to the computer, angle, objects in the room, and apparel). What communication style did you use and why? How did your DiSC style and assessment of others factor into the presentation? Explain your messaging approach. How did it maximize the presentation’s impact? What non-verbal communication strategies did you employ? What would you change about the presentation if you were to do it again? Be prepared for instructor to challenge assertions.

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There isn’t a date of establishment to be found on their site, but fastessay customer reviews online date back only few years back. Still, a couple years on the market should be enough to master the online presence and yet, the website we were researching lacked information that is key to deciding if the company is good or not. There is no services page, no pricing information, and literally no discount mentions. All you can find by checking the Fast Essay website is a blog with good content, a list of previous orders, and FAQ section. Our main goal is to assist customers in making the right choice and it this case, our research is more important than ever. To see the range of writing services, one would have to enter an e-mail address and begin the ordering process. This should give you access to a dropdown menu that lists all the papers you can get from this company. When we did this, we learned that the list here is extremely limited.

Your options come down to a dozen papers, so you can only order those highly popular, assigned on regular basis, assignments. In case you are looking for something more specific like, for example, a lab report or PowerPoint presentation, this is not the place to find it. It was when we started to check the ordering form for price that we understood why there is a lack of pricing table. This means that they cannot provide you with a price, nor they will select the writer to work on your paper. All this is up to the customer. Which writer you will choose from the bidders and what price you are prepared to pay will depend on the choice you make. The interesting thing here is, this company seems to offer papers within minutes, and their average delivery time is 2 hours! Most company do not offer deadlines lower than 3 hours and we trust this is a professional and logical step – you cannot possibly expect to get a high quality paper within 23 minutes!

Because we believe in what we just said, we decided to order a paper within 23 minutes. This deadline option turned out to be ridiculous. When the writer finally started working on our paper, it was 15 minutes before the deadline. Of course, he delayed the delivery and told us we gave him 23 minutes, regardless of the fact that we selected the delivery time. Moreover, we got no discount because of this system, and our paper was mostly plagiarized. There were so many mistakes in the paper (which is completely understandable because of the deadline), we used this as an opportunity to contact the customer support. The agent here offered a free revision, and we shared our opinion about their ridiculous deadline offers and the impossibility of writing good papers in such timeframes. The agent assured us that they can handle ANY deadline, despite the fact that the writer missed our deadline. For this mishap on their behalf, we got no refund even though the company says you don’t have to pay if the paper isn’t good.

Quizzes, Discussions, Responses, Tests, Reading… oh, and a clean house and somewhat relevant social life? That takes some planning. Throw in a full-time job and a house that’s for sale and that takes a LOT of planning. I don’t really have a whole lot of time to spend on schoolwork. So I want to make the absolute most of what little time I do have. When I sit down to work on schoolwork, I need to know right away what due dates are coming up, what still needs to be done, where all my junk is, and where to get started. The very first thing that I do when I get my syllabi for all of my classes is to examine my schedules. I put EVERYTHING in my planner. Seeing it all spaced out alongside the other events in my life (like weddings and trips) really gives me a sense of how my semester will look.