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This is actually a great benefit for the students these days. Online study and assignment help increases productivity and allow students to work more efficiently. Well, there are few things that are to be kept in mind. For example, if the homework provider turns out to be laid back and reluctant, then it is your project that would suffer end of the day. So, be careful and alert while choosing to deal with an essay writing provider. Working with an experienced and trustworthy company will always get you the best result in this matter. If you see that the writing service agency has done some quality works before, then that would be good. Always try and see if the company is providing their work samples. The work samples are proof of efficiency and the level of sincerity a writer maintains while doing the job. So, consider maintaining these points and suggestions whole looking for an efficient and able writing service provider online. Prefer working with a company that comes up with enough revision works before finalizing a project. Proper revisions and proof reading will ensure that the assignment will be flawless and a perfect work that can be finally submitted to your academic institution. If you have afraid who is a proficient writer, then you can think of getting the job done by him as well. But you should also take note of the fact that only a professional writer can assure you flawless work since the person has been doing the job for many years, gaining lots of experience and insights.

‘Status’ and ‘Self Esteem’ are other issues that are of major concern. Though treated equally; for success, effective and 100% performance is crucial, hence, criticisms and weaknesses in employees are put forth in person rather than in public. Mocking and sarcasm is another aspect Indians dislike particularly in public. This is an important aspect managers would have to keep in mind. Low at tone though, comments made in public could sometimes lead to resignation by the employee. This in turn could have a negative impact thereby losing skilled and important staff. Indians also do not take pride in labour jobs like cleaning. For example executives and top level managers would not prefer making their own coffee, transferring documents from one place to another or even taking a photocopy. Indian companies generally employ ‘peons’ to do such activities for their bosses. In India, ‘Punctuality’ is not given that much importance as compared to other countries. Like in case of a western culture, meetings scheduled for particular time do start without delay.

‘Time Management’ is taken care of, but in India practised differently to some extent. Humour in India calls this ‘Indian Standard Time’, which means reaching the desired destination atleast an hour late. This factor however, is changing and shifting towards respect and realising that time cannot be replaced as rightly quoted ‘Once lost, lost forever’. Richard Lewis (2001), states that the reasons for achievement are certainly good effort, but when it comes to failure or results lower than expected; mostly it’s the destiny that is blamed. This encourages individuals to accept more risks and invite challenges. Indians believe in destiny and generally take failures in their stride. In relation to speech, it is advisable if the expatriate would know one of the languages usually used like Hindi, Marathi, certainly not with his higher level colleagues, as communication is mostly carried out in English. To make interaction comfortable with other employees and staff, minimal acquaintance to one of the other languages is crucial.

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