The writing style book of APA, originally launched 80 years ago, represents the classic source of reference for writing enthusiasts in the social sciences the world over. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (6th ed., 2nd printing) thoroughly updated with lots of samples reads like a dream and provides all the technical help you could require with the writing process. Deficiencies with writing are removed as you turn the pages and discover new approaches and find a way out of the mess. The website and the book basically teach the formatting of research papers in the American Psychological Association style in copious detail like how to cite, prepare the list of references, and endnotes/footnotes. Preparing an academic manuscript is very much simplified with this style guide that has stood the test of time. You are then aware of the differences with other formatting styles like Modern Language Association or Harvard.

Using examples like literature review and experimental report, APA stylistics refer to point of view, clarity and choice of words. Page layout in detail and even the font style and size are indicated. You need to avoid bias of any kind in writing and use a neutral objective approach. How are APA works cited? When works are cited inside the body of the text, the author and date method is followed like Harding (2008). In such a case, you only referred to an author but did not include a quotation. If you cited words written in the book, you need to mention the page number too. Example: APA style may be a difficult but rewarding experience. Besides, all the works cited in the body of the text are listed alphabetically in the list of References at the end of the paper on a separate page that also provides details of publisher and place of publication. Electronic sources may also indicate the web address.

Capitalization and colons are used both in citations and in the Reference list. Italics and quotation marks are used as appropriate. Modern Language Association is represented as MLA and dates back to 1883. MLA is dedicated to the study and teaching of literature and language. MLA is yet another writing style guide like APA. The international MLA bibliography is a mighty work that lists publications in several languages from across the world and is a very useful reference work available online too. Maybe 66,000 books, journals and dissertations are added to the list each year with perhaps a hundred bibliographers at work. In a world of electronic publishing, it is only natural that scholarly websites would be included too. The process of in text citation MLA makes use of parenthesis for citations within the text. The author page method is followed for citations in the text. Example: The opposition was critical of the speech. A few differences are tangible between the APA and MLA approaches to writing styles.

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