Team Essay & Presentation

Team Essay & Presentation


The team essay will be about Managerial Accounting in the Management Process. The management process has five basic phases:





Decision Making


Choose a company, research the company and describe its Management Process. Each team must choose a different company for the team project.


The Team Essay is worth 200 points.

The Team Presentation is worth 500 points.


Each student will contribute 1,100 words or more to the essay.


The presentation will be a Powerpoint presentation not to exceed 10 minutes. A 10% penalty will be applied if you go over 10 minutes. Know you material. Practice your presentation. In a 5 student team, each student will have approximately 2 minutes to present their information about the company and show the powerpoint slides.




Here are some suggestion to help you get started. You don’t need to address each item. And, there may be other information you want to include.


Your essay should be in APA format. Cover Page (properly formatted), Introduction, Analysis and Conclusion for each category, and a reference page (again, properly formatted). Wikipedia is not a reference.


Here are some helpful hints:

Always double space

Use New Times Roman font 12 point

The Introduction, Analysis and Conclusion should be centered on the page

References go on a separate page Here is an example of reference formatting:

Stickney, C. P., Weil, R. L., Schipper, K., & Francis, J. (2010). Financial accounting, an

introduction to concepts, methods, and uses (13th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western

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