1. Name Technological Solution or Social Change
  2. Please answer the following questions in a short paragraphs of  3-5 sentences.



Questions for Technology Fix versus Social Change


1. Would you consider yourself as more a “technofixer” or an “anti-technologist”? Why?

What causes you to trust or distrust technology?

2. In general, do you think modern technology has done more harm or more good? Explain

your answer.

3. How have dominant political and social values and attitudes changed over the past

century? How have technological breakthroughs affected political and social thinking?

For example, once nuclear weapons were developed, could people ever view global

international conflicts the same way they viewed them in the pre-nuclear age?

4. Is it easier to develop a new technology or to change people’s basic attitudes and ways of

thinking? Which is easier for a government in power to direct or control, a particular

technology or social unrest and political change?

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