Marketing is one of the major fields of business that promises students to provide a perfect future career this is why a number of students choose marketing as their major subject for completing their higher academic studies. Marketing is a field that requires students to use their creativity and imagination in the best possible manner for helping businesses in increasing their sales growth. This is the reason because of which a number of research and writing tasks are included in the marketing degree course as a compulsory requirement for the completion of marketing degree course. These writing and research tasks require students to put their maximum efforts and hard work and also to use their skills in a best possible manner. One of these writing tasks is the term papers writing in which students are required to define any specific event or concept or to argue about any particular topic that relates to their respective study area. The marketing term papers are usually written by students at the end of their every semester term this is why these are referred to as term papers.

Now there might be this question in students’ mind that why marketing term papers writing is important for them and why they are required to complete their term papers writing work in a perfect manner for acquiring their degree? It helps students in enhancing their knowledge about their respective study area by finding out information that have never been discussed before. It helps them in improving their creative, research and writing skills. It provides them a chance to show others that what they are capable of. It also serves as a test for students that help the professors in getting knowledge about the potential capabilities of their students. Because of all these things, it is considered essential, for students to write and submit perfectly written marketing term papers if they want to acquire their marketing degree with good grades. So, it can be concluded as term papers writing is one of the compulsory writing tasks that are considered essential to be completed by marketing students because without it they can not acquire their degree. The term papers writing help students in enhancing their knowledge and improving their skills this is why writing term papers is considered important for students.

Throughout the history of mankind plague has taken almost 200 million human lives. Starting with the first outbreak of bubonic plague in Europe during the 6th Century, the disease became the scourge of the mediaeval world. Plague comes from the Gobi Desert and achieved a pandemic reach in the 14th century. In the Middle Ages plague killed nearly one-third of the population. The disease quickly spread through Asia along the trade routes. Although this terrible death is typically associated with Europe, it was as ruinous in other parts of the world. Even countries situated at a significant distance from Europe such as China were affected. The epidemic of plague in China in 1328 reduced the country’s population to 90 million from 125 million. With the advent of European shipping, the terrible disease spread to the areas such as the Crimea and Egypt. The size of the pandemic had a devastating effect on the size of the population of the mediaeval world, as whole areas became depopulated as people were fleeing from the areas where the disease was found.

A special place in the history of mankind takes the Black Death of 1665 that almost halved the population of the British capital (Black Death). The four diseases described above all take a heavy toll on the human health, and when it comes to an individual illness, they all have an adverse impact on the human being. But if one thinks in global terms, the seriousness of the damage is not the same. From the global historical perspective, plague has been most detrimental to the progress and well-being of human society. We could claim that is affected the history of mankind reducing the size of population by a third in the Middle Age. Plague disrupted ties between different areas as authorities were seeking to protect the people by sealing off towns and villages affected by the plague. However, now plague has fortunately lost the significance of a history-shaping factor. Although it is still found in Asia, Latin America and Africa, it can hardly be called the deadliest disease of the 21st century.

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