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This office is also fluent in multiple languages including Spanish and even Hebrew. This office is affiliated with multiple hospitals such as Northwest Medical center, Westside regional Medical Center, North Broward Medical Center, University Community Hospital, and even HealthSouth rehabilitation hospital. This office has only received one award but it was the Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors™. Castle Connolly Top Doctors® are selected by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Nominations are open to all board certified MDs and DOs and each year tens of thousands of doctors cast many tens of thousands of nominations. This is a prestigious award because less than 5% of the nation’s licensed physicians have been selected as Castle Connolly Top Doctors in their regions for their specialties. Three of the four of West Broward Rheumatology’s physicians have received this award. Man has an innate sense of law. Every society, even the most barbaric, has rules and laws that the people in that society must follow or there will be consequences.

Our law largely comes from the Common Law of England. But the supreme law of the United States is the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution sets up the rules of Federal law. The American government is divided into three branches; legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative branch is responsible for writing the law, the executive branch is responsible for enforcing the law and the judicial branch is responsible for administering and applying the law. The judicial branch also has the authority of judicial review, which means they can test the constitutionality of the laws. The legislative branch, which is Congress, drafts regulations, codes, treaties and acts. Judges use these acts as well as case law to determine the outcome of a particular cause of action. The law can be split further into Civil and Criminal law as well as Transactional and Adversarial. A law student is required to take Torts, Property, Criminal, Contracts and Constitutional law, as well as, civil and criminal procedure.

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