A. two jobs in assessing a history book

1. Figure out the author’s theme

2. Assess whether or not those themes are argued effectively (and whether they are backed up by sufficient eveidence)

B.Structure- reading between the lines for the author’s theme(s)

The goal of the review is to analyze the book and pull out the author’s THEME from the narrative.
I am looking for " scholarly opinion" or your educated opinion." I am not looking for your whehter or not you emotionally enjoyed the book. Iam looking for your OPINION on the ideas in the books- backed up by examples and explanation.

C. 1. Does the author have a pre-conceived point of view or is he/she objective?

A. what is the author’s view of the opponents of the civil rights movement?

B. What is the author’s view of Martin Luther King Jr.? what are some of his bad qualitites?

2. Does the author consider both sides of the issue? Does he/she address the critics of the approach?
3. Could an alternate approach to a Civil Rights Movement worked better?

4. Does the author demostrate what he/ she intends to demostrate?

5. Can photographs ( or videos) be untruthful?

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