The data you have been provided represents scores of an individual student at the elementary level. You will be asked to use your interpretation of the data to determine appropriate instructional decisions related to the learning outcomes and student needs. You are required to write a report as the classroom teacher.

As the classroom teacher, you will write a report that would be given to the child?s parents and discussed in a parent-teacher conference which summarizes the child?s individual data and indicates recommendations for instruction and/or remediation.

Summary and recommendations of student scores:

Provide a one page report which includes a summary of the individual student scores that you would provide to the parent?s in a parent-teacher conference. In your report you need to include:
1. an explanation of the how the individual scores compared of the to the norm group using one type of score from the test

2. an explanation of what these scores tell you about this child?s achievement
3. strengths that you could build upon
4. areas for improvement that would serve as a focus for future instruction.

5. at least three instructional recommendations that you would execute to enhance this child?s learning experience based on the scores.
You need to cite data from the score report to support your interpretations and recommendations. You should support your recommendations with educational sources (e.g. models of effective instruction, theories of learning, etc).

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