Topic: The Determinants of Capital Structure: The Evidence of German Firms

In my paper, I will run the regression showing what are the variables determining capital structure of the firm. The explanatory variables are size, profitability, growth opportunity, tangibility, tax, non-debt tax shield, industry classification and volatility. The relationships between capital structure and those variables will be analysed. So in the literature review please include 1. All the important theories about capital structure; three main theories are Modigliani and Miller?s irrelevance proposition, trade-off theories,and pecking order theories 2. Tell the stories and findings of capital structure over time. 3. Please include all the important papers. Provide deep discussions and give clear results of each paper. 4. Give the findings of other paper about the relationships between capital structure and those influential variables (size, profitability, growth opportunity, tangibility, tax, non-debt tax shield, volatility, industry classification) 5. Give the similarities and differences of capital structure between listed and non-listed companies

(This is just a brief information, we should discuss more in detail)

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