Parents these days just don’t care,” a colleague complained to me one day. You should have seen him last year. Johnny isn’t turning in his homework. Sarah is working on socialization skills.” Parents read that and think, “That’s wonderful. Sarah is working on socialization skills. Refer to the policy letter you sent home at the beginning of the school year. Tell parents whether the signed slip was returned or not. Even if the progress report is positive, be specific. Show, don’t tell. An opening such as “Johnny is a pleasure to have in class” should be followed by an example, “He pays attention and asks insightful questions.” An illustrative anecdote is best. “Johnny invented a creative new way to model negative numbers with the Algebra Lab Gear. The whole point of progress reports is to keep parents informed. Therefore mail them directly instead of sending them home with students. Or email them. Your school may have its own progress report policies. Many schools require the distribution of hard copy progress reports to be signed by parents and returned. Normally you can customize your progress reports while accommodating school policies. The first time I sent out progress reports according to these guidelines, the reaction was swift and sure. The day after the reports arrived home, several students appeared in my room at lunch time, lunch bags in hand. The students came because their parents had sent them, and they came every day until the zeros were gone. They took their new-found diligence into the regular class as well, and they were rightfully pleased when their quarter grades showed it.

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My university just did an assessment of its first year writing program. What’s worked for me is spending a lot of time in class demystifying why I ask them to make particular intellectual moves. And I think you might be right–it might be better to give fewer assignments with more steps for feedback than to give lots of little assignments. Will hold you to it! Sapience — Ooh, assessment and statistics! That’s really, really helpful! Go back to the single line of directions. Have you thought about reversing your directions? Put the big picture part up front, in bold face. And then work on more specific directions below, and maybe spend some time working through those as a group? Writing good assignments is an art form all its own, isn’t it? 2 to 5 sentences explaining the basic assignment, with the most important things in bold. This is a basic overview.

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