The legal regulations of conducting business overseas

(1) The legal regulations of conducting business overseas

*This section MUST include a discussion of the World Trade    Organization (WTO).  That is mandatory.

(2) Your ethical code of conduct for employees and vendors

*This section is worth 50/150 points, so 1/3 of your total score.  This should be the LONGEST section in your paper and it must contain a minimum of FOUR subsections.  Your subsections are your specific policies such as your Diversity Policy.  You will use the name of each of your four policies as a subheading and then underneath, full explain the policy in that subheading in your own words.

(3) Guidelines for adherence to EEOC, ADA, and Civil Rights laws

*The acronym “EEOC” or the fully spelled out “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission MUST be in your work and it must be fully explained.  This is mandatory per CTU.

(4) Distinguishing between right and wrong in business dealings when the action is legal

*This section is about one thing:  TRAINING.  How will you train your employees to do the right thing when the action in question is legal but not ethical?  Online courses in ethics is one example and guest speakers are another.  An example of a legal but unethical act in the workplace would be using company computers for personal use.  What methods would you use to train your employees NOT to do this?

(5) Identifying the issues surrounding the motivation behind unethical or illegal business operations when the consequences are properly documented.

*All of these words mean ONE THING:  Why do good people do bad things?  In the chat presentation which is also posted in the instructor files, I GIVE you a great article for this section and I highly encourage you to use it.  The article is by Nison & Groth.  Please either come to the chat, listen to the chat in the archive or simply download the 7th chat presentation to get the link to this article and USE it.

(6) The ethical responsibilities of companies in the marketplace if they are a monopoly or oligopoly.

In this section, ALL you have to do is explain in a paragraph the differences between a monopoly and an oligopoly.  That’s it.  Do not write one sentence about each one.  I must see no less than one fully developed paragraph.

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