Our review of CustomWritings as an academic service should help you make a decision on whether or not this company is worth your money and time. At a first glance, the website is good in terms of design and seems as it is easy to navigate. Let’s explore a bit further. Custom Writings is a company that offers the most commonly requested assignments from students. Their website lists what we consider the standard services selection, such as essays, lab reports, research papers, summaries, proposals, admission essays, scholarship essays, presentations, movie and book reviews, coursework assignments, critiques, case studies, analyses, bibliographies, thesis and dissertations. Additionally, their services include proofreading and editing. Custom Writings is a company with a clear policy of pricing that can easily be reached on their website. We’ve found their prices to be a bit higher than those of other popular services, especially when it comes the higher academic level options.

The prices depend on the paper’s academic level, the deadline and number of pages. The longest deadline is 1 month, but it only applies to papers of over 30 pages. Therefore, if you wish to order a paper for a more affordable price due to it not being urgent, the furthest deadline option they have for you is 14 days, except if you have a big order. 31 per page. These prices are a bit steeper than those of other services on the market. Not having a first-order discount is a huge disadvantage in this market since students rarely take the risk of trying out a company for the first time at a high price. The bulk discounts are not clearly stated, but there is a free calculator you can use to check the quote for your order. The lifetime discounts range from 5% to 15%, depending of the accumulated pages a customer has ordered from this service.

We have looked into feedback for CustomWritings and decided to place an order since we found both positive and negative comments from customers. The paper we ordered from the service was delivered in time and fitted the academic level we ordered it for. However, there were many mistakes in our term paper and we’ve experienced some problems with the formatting. This made us conclude that the writer did not really follow our specific guidelines regarding the format. Since our paper was not a big one and we are not returning customers, the price we paid at Custom Writings did not fit the quality of paper we received. The communication we had with our writer was set to minimum. Aside from a greeting message after we placed the order, we had almost no communication with the writer. The contact they have set with us was what seemed to be an automatic message. Until the point where we received the term paper, we had no update regarding its progress. The customer support is friendly and professional, so we found the help we needed there. You can reach their agents via the live chat, email and phone. We’ve decided for the live chat since the phone option was a bit slow. Overall, this is a good service for those who have big orders because of their bulk discounts. However, if you are looking for a cheap service that will provide you with your assignments, this is not the best place to place your order. Not only their prices are above the average range, but they also do not offer first-order discounts. Their content is of high quality, but we’ve still encountered some formatting issues.

How did the educators describe the current state of diversity and inclusivity in their educational settings? What strategies did they indicate they use to create inclusive learning environments? What strategies did they indicate they use to show they value and respect diversity in their settings? Describe your experience conducting the interviews. Were there things that surprised you? Did you have any “aha” moments? Respond to at least two colleagues. In your responses, compare the strategies your colleagues reported from their interviews with the ones you reported. What similarities and differences do you see? To what do you attribute any similarities and differences? What was your thinking process that helped you determine that these strategies might be effective in your setting? What evidence do you have to support your conclusion that these strategies might be effective? How would you apply the strategies you identified in your own educational setting? Respond to at least two colleagues. In your responses, first offer feedback on your peers’ thinking processes. Are their critical thinking pathways easy to follow?

Did they offer strong evidence to support their conclusions? Then, offer an additional strategy that they may not have considered that could be effective in their educational settings. Make sure that the strategy you suggest aligns with their thinking processes for determining effective strategies. In some educational settings, diversity and multiculturalism are given very little consideration. In other settings, they are celebrated as a special event (for example, a multicultural food celebration). In still other settings, diversity and multicultural approaches are embedded in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Describe how diversity and multiculturalism are approached in your educational setting. What benefits can you identify in implementing a multicultural approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment in your setting? What challenges do you foresee in implementing a multicultural approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment in your setting? Respond to at least two colleagues. In your responses, offer suggestions for addressing the challenges they identified.

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