Our society appears to be increasingly inattentive to the problems of single

mothers. The response to this inattentiveness by single mothers can take one of

several forms. They could shrink into a corner and cower before the towering

shadow of the world’s demands. While this choice may tempt some mothers, most

single moms are to concerned with the well-being of their children to give in to fear


Another option is that they could find some charity that will watch their kids for

them while they work enough jobs to get on their own feet. Unfortunately, most

women who are single mothers end up in such low paying jobs that they must work

two or three of them to scrape by.

I had a sister-in-law who tried this option. Actually, she committed herself to it; she

was forced by circumstance to work two full-time jobs to support her little family;

while working her jobs, her son was left all alone; the result is that now he is a

delinquent with anger towards her and the whole world. He lashes out viscously and

is in and out of courts and juvenile detention centers.

She understands that she neglected his emotional care, but how could she have

minded his emotional needs while the bills piled up? She was stuck with the choice

between caring for her child emotionally and neglecting his physical needs, or

caring for his physical body while neglecting his emotional care.

She cannot see–looking back on her choices–how she could have done a better

job than she did. Her heart is broken; her son is lost, and our society is stuck with

another criminal unless something drastic can be done to save him. This is the same

series of events that occurs in millions of homes in this country every year because

of dead-beat fathers and failed social institutions. It feeds the crime rate which in

turn feeds the prison population which in turn strains the budgets of states and the

federal government.

Perhaps you are a single mother in search of a solution to a dilemma that mirrors

the one described above. If you are, please don’t get lost in either of the two options

mentioned above. Embrace the third option. Find a way to work from home. Are you

a decent writer and have access to the internet? Blog for money. [http://www.monaviehomebusiness.com.au]

Are you good at networking? Start an online community. If you don’t have access to

the internet, start from wherever you are accessing it now. The opportunity for you

to make ends meet through some type of home based business is real if you start

with the right guides.

The first step is finding the courage to believe that you can have what you want. Life

has seemed to have forgotten about you. The people you cared about so tenderly

have now left you to fend for yourself. The darkness is never as bad as our fears

make them look.

Choose now to believe that life can be good for you. Life is only a bully when we

choose to be afraid. As soon as you choose faith in yourself and in the benevolence

of this universe, the bully transforms into a friend ready to assist you in caring for

the ones you love.

So, you can hope that the political climate changes to improve your options. You

can wish that the economy would change and offer you more money for less work,

but those possibilities will all take too long. Your children need you at home with

them now. Take charge of your finances by choosing well-being right now. The

choice is yours alone.

Once you have decided you will work online, the jobs online will reveal themselves

to you automatically. That is the way the world works. Focus on it, believe it and

attract to yourself the work from home opportunities that you are seeking. Follow

the inclinations that come from this focus. If you feel inclined to search for the

opportunities, then do.

If you feel inclined to ask people you know about it, then do. The point is that when

you act from a sense of certainty that things will work out, they do. When you act

from a sense of certainty that things are going to continue not working out–as my

sister-in-law did–they fail to. It is a simple equation, but it takes a quiet

commitment to make it work.

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