The role of self-service technology within service retailing(woolworth)
choose woolworth to write. Woolworth is a supermarket in Australia. It is very popular in Australia. The main purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to do individual research to expand upon their knowledge in a particular area of retail marketing and distribution. Students need to show how the theory they uncover relates to a specific area of retailing in their home country. This summer students are required to investigate how self-service technology (SST) benefits service retailers in their overall retailing efforts. Your local lecturer will allocate you a service industry to focus upon. For this assignment students need to demonstrate they understand what self-service technology is and how this is being applied in their allocated service industries. NOTE: This DOES NOT mean that you should exclusively focus upon internet marketing in retailing as there are many other applications of SST. For example, some airlines use self-service check in and baggage handling at airports. A marking rubrics related to how you will be assessed in this assignment is shown in Appendix 6.

To demonstrate how the theory you identify in your research relates to your allocated service retail industry you can either approach writing this assignment from the perspective of the wider service industry (e.g. airlines in general) or specific service firm(s) (e.g. Air Mauritius, Jetstar, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, etc.). You need to discuss the details of the specific approach you will be taking with your local lecturer/tutor. As a bare minimum your assignment should include a definition of self-service technology in retailing; discussion related to its characteristics; highlight its role for retailers; identify the current trends in technology retailing; discuss the pros and cons identified in the literature of using this approach in retailing. This is not an exhaustive list of points to discuss as you are likely to uncover many other salient issues when conducting your research for this assignment.

HGdraw upon: (1) the academic literature (i.e. journals and texts) to help demonstrate your understanding of multi-channel retailing theory, and (2) practitioner related literature (i.e. industry or government reports, popular press, etc.) to demonstrate the application of SST retailing in your chosen retail service setting. A good starting point for the assignment will be to understand the various aspects of SST outlined in the Berman and Evans text and then link this to relevant academic literature. However, the text is very limited in scope on SST so I have included some sample references below to give to a start. You MUST complete a journal search using electronic databases and show evidence in your essay of having sourced and understood material from at least six academic sources other than the textbook. A full list of references should be included at the rear of your assignment.


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