Instructions: Refer to your text on developmental and/or learning theories. Research a
theoretical perspective as it relates to biosocial, cognitive, or psychosocial domains. Collaborate
in a team to present a theoretical perspective following the standards listed below:

1. Each student is to join a group and select a theoretical topic and subtopic(s) that connect
to policy or a societal issue, from a provided list.
2. Each group member is responsible for helping research the group’s theoretical topic to
generate background information. A minimum of 6 different sources of information must
be included in the references (each person must contribute at least 2 sources).
3. Each group will create a PowerPoint presentation to share with the class the information
they learned. Presentations should be 10-15 minutes long, with each group member
presenting an equal amount of time.
4. Each student will complete a self-evaluation on the process of preparing the group

5. There are 6 portions to this assignment that you will be graded on.
• Knowledge of theory and theoretical concepts
• Teamwork
• Visual aids (PowerPoint and handouts for the class)
• Presentation skills
• Self-evaluation
• Submitting all required documentation
OVERVIEW of Due Dates and Required Documentation
Thursday before your presentation: Email the instructor any handouts you would like copied for the
class, or you can decide to print handouts on your own.
The day of your group presentation:
• Each GROUP should turn in the following stapled together, in this order:
1. Cover page (listing name of topic and ALL group member’s first & last names)
2. PowerPoint slides (2-6 slides printed on a page is encouraged)
*Note: PowerPoint should also be emailed to professor
3. Handouts/brochures that are passed out to the class
4. Reference list (accurate information; evidence of research; bibliography backs up
research; can include reputable websites, books, magazines, articles, brochures, etc.
• Each INDIVIDUAL PERSON should turn in the following stapled together, in this order:
1. Grading rubric
2. Individual self-evaluation form (handwritten or typed)
CD 1 – Theory Presentation: Group Project (45 points)
Presentation Guidelines
Please make sure to inform your instructor in advance of any equipment usage needed for your
presentation. The following is required for your presentation:
a) Providing Theoretical Content Information– Your group will have a total of 10-15

minutes to present (with 5 minutes at the end for questions). Each group member
should speak for an equal amount of time. Be prepared to share the information you
researched to the class. Your presentation should include:
• Introduction to the topic (something that draws the audience in)
• Define main terms that you will be using
• Overview of research on the topic
• Why the topic is important when considering children’s growth and
development (important for the child, family, community, society, or all?)
• Examples or application of the theoretical concept
• Concluding points: what are the main takeaways we should gain from your
b) PowerPoint – Create a professionally attractive and informative presentation on your
selected topic.
• First slide: include name of topic and group members’ first & last names
• Cite sources on EACH slide
• Include a note where to go for more information (example: companies’ office
location or websites)

• Can show an outside video clip to help depict topic, but the video cannot be
longer than 2 minutes
• Proof read presentation: no spelling errors; make sure can read font
c) Handouts or brochures – Create some type of visual aid for the audience to follow
along. This will also be turned in to the instructor. You must make enough copies
for your classmates and the instructor. You can coordinate with the instructor to help
make copies, if they are emailed by the Thursday before your presentation.
• Provide a summary/overview of your project for your classmates
• Include information on where to go for more information
• Include name of topic and group members’ first & last names
• Proof read: no spelling errors
Self-Evaluation Form
Complete the self-evaluation form to reflect on your role in the group project, as well as the
efforts of your group members. The self-evaluation can be handwritten on the document
provided, or you can type your answers if you prefer.
• The completed self-evaluation form is due the day of your presentation!

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