Topic: Theoretical knowledge around the purposes of performance appraisals and ways to improve the performance appraisal system

*****ONLY SCHOLARLY PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLESARTICLES and chapters from edited books of readings, and books on specific human resource management (HRM) topics TO BE USED ONLY NO WEBSITES ***********

Please read below the TOPIC BACKGROUND INFORMATION and what the marking crieteria is.

Topic Background

********Research literature suggests that human resource professionals tend to ‘concentrate of two things to make performance appraisal a positive force in their organisations:

1. the accurate evaluation of performance through the development and application of measurement systems such as rating scales and 2. training to up-skill managers in an effort to effectively use the performance appraisal interview, so that they can provide constructive feedback that will reinforce and focus on good performance, while at the same time, motivate employee development’ (Samson & Daft 2012, p. 456).


Based on theoretical knowledge around the purposes of performance appraisals and ways to improve the performance appraisal techniques. (a) submit response in an essay format and (b) construct a general performance appraisal form that incorporates your findings.


The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the ability to construct an in-depth and critical analysis discussion on the given topic. Therefore:


The degree to which the submission displays a direct

engagement with the topic (that is, concepts are

examined and defined thoroughly; information used is

accurate and relevant)

The degree to which the submission illustrates

comprehension and a critical understanding of the

appropriate theoretical perspectives and how they relate

to practice (that is, critically evaluates issue/question

based on appropriate analysis, and provides strong

support for conclusions drawn)


The degree to which the submission possesses a

structural unity that incorporates ideas, data, and findings

(that is, logical analysis using multiple concepts related to

the issue/question)


The degree to which the submission is well-researched

(that is, impressive amount of research is applied to


This esay must outline the key approaches to identifying and assessing employee and organisational performance. Identify the important relationship between an organsations performance management system and human resource management.

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