Theories Of Crime Causation

Essay Topic

In Masters (2016) Chapter 3, there are many types of crime causation theories discussed.  Identify three primary theories that you believe cause crime.  Compare and contrast these areas, and discuss how many areas of criminal causation work together as the impetus for a crime to be committed.


Essay Instructions:

  • Review the grading rubric for this assignment so that you understand how the assignment will be graded.
  • Papers should be 1000 to 1200 words written (not including references in this count)
  • Papers should be double spaced
  • Papers should follow MLA paper guidelines. If you are uncertain about MLA, there are numerous guidelines on-line that will provide assistance.  If you are still uncertain, contact the instructor for assistance.
  • Papers should have a minimum of four academic and peer-reviewed references
  • List all references within the paper per MLA guidelines and on the separate references page of the paper.

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