There are 2 DQ with two questions each. Please make sure that DQ 1 response to both question has a word count of 360 words, and DQ 2 response to both questions has a word count of 360 words. Also please include references as well.

Week 1 e-Activities 1. Go to the Center for Disease Control Website, located at, and review the mission, vision, and major responsibilities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the CDC’s Center, Institute, and Offices (CIOs). Be prepared to discuss. 2. Go to the British Medical Association’s (BMA’s) Website, located at, and enter the word “epidemiology”

(without quotes) into the “Search Results: search term:” box and click the Search button. Select one (1) or more epidemiology topics of interest within the United Kingdom (UK). Be prepared to discuss. 3. Go to your state’s Department of Health (DOH) Website, and review its health policies, focusing your efforts on understanding the state’s DOH disease-management protocols. Be prepared to discuss.


– From the first two (2) e-Activities, give a synopsis of the various challenges facing health care professionals, and determine whether or not you believe these professionals can formulate predictive plans from both agencies. Be specific, giving supporting rationales for your observations. – From the third e-Activity, give a comprehensive critiqued evaluation of your state’s DOH disease-management protocols. Also, from the analysis of the case study, determine if your state’s standpoint on the disease is adequate. Be specific, articulating the actions that can be taken to improve your state’s DOH.


– From the first two (2) e-Activities, functioning as an investigator collaborating with the two (2) agencies to obtain vital statistics on your particular demographic, you are tasked with obtaining the logistics and planning phase of the report. Prioritize the items you would consider when formulating comprehensive letters of inquiry to the agencies. –

From the third e-Activity, suppose you are the County Department of Health, Director of STDs Tracking and Surveillance System, tasked with drafting a memo to your state’s head of the DOH about ways to optimize your county’s efficiency. Prepare a rudimentary list of possible questions to articulate your concerns. Provide a rationale for the questions you have chosen.

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