I signed for homework market few days ago as a Teacher, and yesterday submitted my first answer at approximately 5pm IST, which was purchased within few hours at near about 11pm IST . Hello I am tutor in Homeworkmarket “Tutor. Wallace” and recently I got a message on my email that my paypal email had been changed which I was not aware of personally and not the one who had changed the mail. If you want your homework to be done perfectly, you better study more and better and do it by yourself. Don’t trust professionals like them. HomeworkMarket / be careful! I would recommend you to carefully use this website because it’s overwhelmed by scammers. I myself had issues with them, and many other people as well. Just look through the reviews and you will understand. I paid to get my homework done and got nothing instead. The money was simply gone. Tutors and students have noticed recently that the site format has been changed, it is very difficult to contact students and tutors due to new format and not at all easy to use.

I do not know why they have changed the format. I hereby write to request for the change of my account status. I had applied for a tutor’s account, but I can now see it’s a student account. I had been using this site for years with a lot of caution. There is a ton of scammers on there that just reuse others work and try to get paid for it. But there are others that do original work. I found this website and hired these guys from HomeworkMarket. I missed a lot of classes because I had a lot of work. And my professor said that if I wanted to get the permission to come to tests I was supposed to do all the homework I missed! Used this website because I had really huge problems in School and my grades were terrible! So I found this website and decided to give it a try! All the answers they gave me were false!

I really mean it! Every single answer was incorrect. I hired someone from Homework services to help take a college course. I followed all his requirements for payment through PayPal but PayPal wouldn’t release funds for at least 10 days. This person cancelled the payment twice and kept asking me to submit payment to another email address. They are cheats, thieves, they will just block your account and you can never access them . My account was blocked and i cannot even access my hard earned money. I have worked for this company for nearly half an year and i understand its nearly impossible for them to unblock your account, however my main concern is the access to the money in the account. I worked at homework and due to some problems, they blocked my account. The rep told me that it would take about 24 hours, but they haven’t returned the homework and stole money.

I asked to make the homework for me, but they agreed and charged me after that. They didn’t return homework and didn’t respond. They deceived me and stole my money. They sounded so enthusiastic and helpful, but it was total fraud. I waited, when they would finish the task, but they decided not to hurry. I provided the homework and paid money, but these jerks took money and made the homework only for half. They haven’t replied to 10 questions and took the whole sum for the services. I ordered some homework from them, but these jerks charged me and stopped to communicate. I was shocked that they behaved like this. I sent them emails and asked to return my money back, but all my attempts failed. This is not a reputable website and individuals seeking help with their homework should beware. The day that I signed up, I declined to give a member (AlgebraExpert) an assignment and he went nuts.

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