In order to make the most of your British Columbia self storing unit, there are of course many handy tips you should keep in mind. Many of these tips relate to finding the right unit, how to maximize security and the best ways to pack your belongings. But there are a number of important things you should avoid doing with your self storing unit. It is interesting to note that many people run into problems with packing and storing simply because they aren’t aware of the things they should avoid.

Say No To Newspaper And Plastic

When it comes to packing things for British Columbia storing units, many people rely on using newspaper and plastic. Newspaper is often used for padding and wrapping fragile items. They are also used for storing clothing as well. Plastics are generally used to cover things and protect them from dust. However, newsprint has a tendency to retain moisture and damp. They can also become moldy if they aren’t aired out or changed regularly. Newsprint can transfer onto other things, even ceramic items. Some glossy papers also run this risk. If your unit runs into a rodent or insect problem, the newspaper will attract these vermin like a magnet. It is better instead to use light cotton material to wrap or pad your items. Always make sure that the material is clean and dry before using.

Even in relatively dry places like British Columbia, plastics should be avoided because they retain moisture. If you cover furniture or mattresses in plastic, you’ll notice that water will condense on the inside, which can lead to mold growth. Metal items that are covered with plastic will also have this problem, which can lead to rust and corrosion. Even wooden items can be affected by this kind of moisture condensation. Here too, it is better to opt for clean cotton cloth to wrap your belongings in.

Be Aware Of Contraband

Every legitimate storing facility in British Columbia will have a list of contraband items they will not allow in store. It is unfortunate to see how many people do not take this list of items seriously. There is sometimes a feeling that you can get away with storing contraband and no one will know about it. But your facility manager is well within rights to search your unit if they suspect you are storing contraband items. If they are found, not only will you lose your unit, you may find it difficult to find another storage unit in the area.

While each British Columbia storing facility will have its own unique contraband list. There are some general items that are not allowed in storing units. Food and beverage, even if they are freeze-dried or in cans are not allowed. Pet fish and plants are also not allowed in storing units. Ammunition, fire arms and fireworks are also not permitted. Most facilities will also not allow you to store paraffin, gasoline and other kinds of flammable items. This may also include items like paint and paint thinners. Always double-check with the facility manager if you are unsure about an item.

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