This is the web page that you can find scholar journals- try to get the journals from web pages like this one.

This web page for the APA citation-

Please try to do the paper as the sample paper attached.

1)  Select one of the research questions on the list provided (indicated above).  Your selection is a defining task because it reflects your interests.  Therefore, take this issue seriously, and be certain that you can find books and or journals that answer the question thoroughly.  The thesis statement (sentence) should appear at the end of the introductory paragraph; see this section on Bb under writing assistance.

2) The content must be at least 850 – 1,500 words for this writing requirement.  Do not include sources, statements, or examples that do not contribute to fulfilling the thesis statement.

3)  A minimum of five (5) must sources are required, and then must be books and or Scholar journals only;  and only professional websites can be utilized to obtain source material.  For example, you must use the Black’s Law Dictionary provided in the writing assistance section of Bb instead of using  In addition, examples of professional websites are provided under the web links provided on Bb.  Students who send their thesis statement via message can obtain books and journal articles, and only if the thesis statement is succinct enough to indicate the research focus.

4)  Use the sample paper as a guide.  Sample papers can be found in the writing assistance section of Bb.

5)  When considering the content of your research, it is important to remember that no gang related papers will be accepted.  In fact, the word gang should not appear in your paper.  If stated, it will be considered a word choice error (minus one point per word; gang -1).  Specificity is difficult enough without compounding the problem by choosing an research approach that is counter-productive to your desired grade goal.  In contrast, one might note that one student referred to gang influence as the influence of undesirable types that posed a threat to the community.

6)  Find the research paper button on Bb to submit your document.  Submit the research paper on Bb in a timely manner.  Actually, you should submit the document early to avoid computer errors from occurring.  The button titled Calendar at a glanceprovides a suggested timeline for the completion of stages with due dates.  Only one opportunity exists to submit your research document.  Therefore, students are encouraged to utilize office hours and send messages to ask questions and obtain assistance.

Course writing criteria

Do’s – Research papers must follow this format because a failure to do so will result in a five percent (5%) deduction per error.  In addition, failure to submit a draft will result in a zero for this portion of your course grade.

1) Twelve point Times New Roman font (even if page numbers are included);

2) One inch margins on all sides;

3) Double space the lines and fully justify both margins;

4) American Psychological Association (APA) format;

5) Microsoft Word documents (do not create Word Pad, WordPerfect or PDF formats);

6) Do not create running heads when formatting unless they adhere to APA format

7) Add a cover page (your name, course number, title, date submitted and the word count);

8) No more that 40% of the content can consist of quotes; and

9) The uploaded document should be saved under your name. Failure to do so will result and a deduction of two points (i.e. Lawrence_ Anastasia).  Saving the paper under your name will ensure your paper is retrievable and is graded in a timely manner.

Don’ts – It is important to know what to avoid!

* Avoid block quotes.  Any quote that is 40 words or more is considered to be a block (substantial) quote.  Block quotes require: 1) an additional indention; and 2) no quotation marks.  The sample paper provides an example of how to annotate a block quote.

* Avoid word choice errors.  View this as an opportunity to expand your vocabulary (like = similar; nowadays = Today; after that= subsequently; great = beneficial; book for the course = textbook; get = obtain; got = obtained, secured; etc. = etcetera; a lot = a number of, a plethora); big = large or enormous; little = minimal; bad = unsatisfactory, unacceptable, detrimental…; things = issues, items, situations, circumstances); basically = essentially, mainly, fundamentally.  Use a thesaurus.  Other relaxed annotations are also considered word choice errors (end up = result in, returns to; sniffed out = detected; kids = children, minors, juveniles)because students are expected to submit a professional work product.  Other less professional vocabulary is subject to a deduction of one point each.

* Avoid acronym errors.  Do not assume that your reader knows the meaning of your acronym.  For example, UC is a commonly used acronym that can mean either an undercover cop or university campus.  The acronym must be explained at first use; it can then appear unexplained throughout the remainder of the document unless you intend to convey a different meaning.  For example, probation and parole agents refer to electronic monitoring in a manner that distinguishes the two areas of community supervisions.  The acronym ELM is used in probation, whereas EM is used in parole.    In addition, it is important to remember the acronym must be explained on its first annotation.

* Avoid improper capitalizations.  For example, an annotation of The Court generally appears when referring to a specific court case.  Avoid improper capitalizations by quoting and annotating a source or capitalize appropriately.

Note:  Abstracts are not journal articles and will result in a deduction of up to 20 points for missing content.


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