Explain the role of emergency planning within the emergency management field.

September 15, 2018

Health promotion models include various physical, psychological, social, environmental and economic factors

September 15, 2018

SSC 328 Term Research Paper Requirements
The Paper:
This paper will be on a drug with the potential for abuse or misuse. There are numerous drugs
that are utilized within our society today, some found predominately within the legitimate
framework of medical practice and others designed solely for recreational and experimental
purposes. No matter the use or the source, there is a tremendous amount of information
available. Your assignment is to pick a drug with some abuse potential that is NOT well covered
in the text. There are numerous drugs both legal and illegal that can be investigated. The topic
of your paper must be approved by your instructor.
The paper must include the following:
1. History and epidemiology of the drug
2. The pharmacology, how does it work in the system
3. How is it grown, manufactured, transported and marketed
4. The dosage, expected effects, side effects and potential for overdose
5. The specific treatments that might be used in rehabilitation?
The paper is due by 11:59 PM EST/EDT on Sunday during Module 7. It MUST be first submitted
as a MS Word document to the Draft Research Paper Assignment box to obtain an originality
report. The Assignment box is linked to Turnitin, a plagiarism identification service. For more
information on how the Turnitin Assignment box integration works, click the “Turnitin” link
under Resources. The paper should not have a “match” over 20% on the originality report so
CAREFULLY REVIEW and CORRECT YOUR PAPER prior to submission of the Final Research
Paper. Then submit your final paper via the Research Paper Assignment box for a grade. This
Assignment box is also linked to Turnitin so a final originality report will display in the
Assignment box. Grades will be reduced for late papers. You must have your name, course
number, and assignment name in your document’s file name (e.g.,
Saint Leo University provides its own array of online
You may use articles in books and or articles on a website. Information collected from websites
MUST be from accurate and reputable sources. Please do not use the textbook or
Format and Grading:
You must be sure to cite your references using the APA style (text citations and reference page).
For help with this, use the Online Library and the APA Guide, both on the Start Here Menu
under Resources.
The paper must comply with the following:
1. A minimum of 7 pages of text (title page and reference page not included)
2. Double-spaced, 1-inch margins
3. 11-point font
4. Title page
5. Inclusion of citations and a references page (see the template and example reference
page in the APA Guide)
6. No more than a quarter of the paper should use quotes
You will be graded on:
1. How well you have organized your thoughts and information
2. The format of the paper and the logical flow of information
3. Your use of English grammar, vocabulary and punctuation
4. Accurate citations and references
5. Your mastery of the topic
See the Term Research Paper Scoring Rubric on the next page for more information.
For help in paper writing or use of the APA style strategies consult the APA Style Guide located
on the course website or the websites below:
SSC 328 Term Research Paper Scoring Rubric
Student Name: ___________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Students will complete the assignment with attention to the following criteria:
Scoring Range
(does not meet



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