Before you can understand who is at greatest risk for alcoholism you first have to understand exactly what alcoholism is. By definition, alcoholism which can also be called alcohol dependence, is when you show signs of physical addiction to alcohol but yet continue to drink alcohol in spite of the fact that you are showing signs of physical health aliment, mental health ailment, along with social, family, or job responsibilities that you are unable to attend to on a daily bases. Alcoholism is when alcohol has total control of your life and relationships causing you and everyone around you to suffer.

Those who are more prone to suffer from alcoholism are usually younger adults who are under peer pressure from co-workers or friends who they feel may have a major influence in their life. Others who are more prone to alcohol dependence may be able to easily get access to alcohol, perhaps they are working at a nightclub or bar where they work around alcohol the entire day. Another problem that tends to increase the risk for alcohol dependence may be the life style that one decides to live where alcohol may be more common and accepted as it is in certain countries around the world.

Some more serious risk factors for alcoholism may stem from other factors all together. If you had either one of your parents who may have suffered from alcohol dependence than you are at a greater risk then someone who does not have that issue to deal with. Another risk factor that tends to increase the chances of a person being afflicted with alcoholism is if the person who has the alcohol problem is also suffering from some form of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, or schizophrenia. Other serious issues which can lead to alcohol dependency may be low self-esteem or perhaps going through a stressful time in life from either a job or relationship struggles. Understanding that alcoholism is a disease that can be treated will be a helpful notion for all who are struggling. There are many rehab centres that offer many different levels of alcohol detox programs that can help those suffering get their lives back in order.

As with the above mentions alcohol dependencies if you know someone who is struggling with alcoholism, or if you feel that you need help with an alcohol dependency then you should consider looking into what alcohol rehab centres near you can help you out with. These problems are treatable with the right amount of encouragement and help from a friendly, caring health care team that knows what you or your loved ones are struggling through and know how to get the help that is needed in a timely manner.

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