Three nurses at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center
Three nurses at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center noticed an unusually high number of deaths at
times when a nurse named Kristen Gilbert was working. These same nurses later noticed missing
supplies of epinephrine – a drug that stimulates the heart. The following data was submitted to a
statistician to determine if there was a strong enough correlation for an indictment. [True story]
Shifts with a Death Shifts without a Death Gilbert working 40 217 Gilbert not working 34 1350 Test the claim that whether Gilbert was on duty for a shift is independent of whether a patient died
during the shift. Since this is a serious analysis, use a significance level of 0.01. [3 decimal places]

a) H0: __________________________

b) What is the critical value (s)? _________ Ha: ____________________________

c) What is the test statistic? _________

d) Should this nurse be indicted on these charges according to the results? __________ Why or why
not? ______________________________________________________________________

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