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Organizations can benefit from information regarding its applicants, current and past employees using tacit knowledge management by making it more easily accessible, transferable and relevant throughout the organization as majority of what an employee knows is never captured. By having these information handy, organizations can use it to gain competitive advantage.

One example of how a company used its present employee behaviors and skills to gain competitive advantage is Netflix. Netflix values nine core behaviors and skills in its employees. The management believes a great workplace should have those nine behaviors and skills thus the Netflix model is to ?increase employee freedom as we grow, rather than limit it, to continue to attract and nourish innovative people, so we have a better chance of long-term continued success.? Netflix has only two types of rules: those designed to prevent irreversible disaster and those designed to prevent moral, ethical and legal issues. Netflix does not track time, it focuses on what to be done and not how many hours or days are worked. It has a freedom and responsibility culture which is to grow with high performance people and not with rules.

Two specific user requirements that help achieve competitive advantage for a company are the use of questionnaires and tracking applicant status

With the use of questionnaires, companies can get more useful information about an applicant which goes beyond what is obtainable in resumes. CIC for instance may need developers for a certain job role and resume alone may not be enough criteria to select the applicant for a job interview. The new hiring system should have detailed questionnaire that can help narrow the candidate pool more quickly and decrease the need to go back and forth requesting for information about an applicant.

Secondly, another user requirement that will achieve competitive advantage is tracking applicant status. With a lot of candidates applying for a position, it may be impossible to track how all the candidates are moving through the stages but with this feature included in a hiring system, each applicant status can be easily identified so as to avoid bottlenecks and identify stages which are going according to plans

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