To facilitate the completion of your Final Project, each Unit’s Project will build your knowledge base about a specific organization, as well as increase your ability to evaluate various aspects of the selected organization’s training program.

In order to begin your Final Project, you must choose the organization you intend to analyze. During the selection process, it would be beneficial for you to review all of the individual Unit Projects so that you can better evaluate your ability to obtain the necessary information throughout this course.
Once selected, answer the following questions in a one- to three-page paper .

Describe the relationship you have with your Final Project’s organization. If your Final Project’s organization is one that you would like to work for, explain why you chose that particular organization.

Where do you plan to get more information about this organization and its compensation plans? What resources are available to you? How will you be conducting your research? Be specific.

From a real world perspective, describe the value that you believe an organization may realize from their compensation plans.

Discuss why compensation should be a source of competitive advantage.

Note: I am wanting to pursue a career in Human Resources. I am interested in a Fortune 500 company.

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