As the college year is approaching and you will be soon overwhelmed with a lot of assignments. There are many students for whom writing is not less than a nightmare and if you are one of them then don’t worry you are not alone. Today with the advancement in technology getting essay assistance is just a click away. You can find hundreds of thousands of writing service that provides you with the best essay at the best rate. But asking writing service for all your assignment needs is not the solution to everything. You cannot every time spend your hard earn money for writing services, so why not try it by yourself.
But, how? Here in this article, we shed light on top 10 productive hacks for college students. By following these steps you can easily write a perfect paper in less time.
1.     To-do-list:
Making a to-do-list is extremely important if you really want to get the most from your busy schedule. You have so much of things in your mind and it is not at all possible to remember each and everything so why not writes it down and distribute those tasks for each day of the week. Make sure there must be a realistic deadline as it will help you finish your work efficiently.
You can use a planner, whiteboard, sticky notes, apps, or anything that you think works best for you, but make sure what you do is always in front of your eyes.
2.     Avoid ambiguity:
Always remember, ambiguity kills productivity. If you have something in your mind, make sure it must be clear and specific otherwise you will never be able to follow your to-do-list. Keep your task specific and keep your brain away from ambiguity. Make sure that each task must not be more than 2 hours; otherwise, it might be difficult for you to manage it, so break it into smaller, manageable tasks.
3.     Learn to say no to distractions:
Another thing that reduces productivity is distractions. If you really want to get the most out of your writing activity, switch off your mobile phones, television, as well as other things that distract you from work and concentrate only on your work.
4.     Focus on hard things first:
Go through your to-do-list and select the most time consuming and hard things first and do these things in your golden hours. This is the time when you can focus the best.
5.     Take breaks:
Avoid doing all the work in one go. Spending hours in front of the computer will lower down your productivity. Instead, take breaks and divide your work into chunks and you will see how easily you will be able to complete your task.
6.     Exercise:
At least take an hour from your busy schedule and exercise daily. Exercising is not only necessary for your physical maintenance, but also plays a major role in mental wellness. When you have a healthy mind, you eat well, study well, and sleep well; in short, it helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise plays a major role in boosting your immunity and gain stamina.
7.     Avoid task switching:
Avoid trying to multitask. If you are working on one thing better stick to it. If you try multitasking it will decrease your productivity.
8.     Practice and more practice:
Practice makes man perfect. There are many students for whom writing is not less than a nightmare and this is because they don’t like to write. You can easily make your writing perfect by practice it on a daily basis. Writing is not only important in academic life but also play a major role in the professional life. So, don’t avoid it.
9.     Eat healthy and have enough sleep:
Mostly students are night owls; they think they can write well at night, but actually sleepless nights kill productivity. No matter how tough schedule you have, don’t forget to take healthy meals and take a good 7-8 hours sleep and you will definitely see a good change in you.
College life is no doubt the busiest one. You hardly get time for you. But it is extremely necessary to take time for yourself if you want to lead a good and healthy lifestyle and want to show your best in your class. No matter how many assignments you have in line if you follow few simple steps given above, you will surely be able to enhance your productivity and complete all of them within the given time period. So, all you need is to believe in yourself and you can easily achieve your set target.

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