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I loved your quotes, especially the ones relating writing to opening up a vein and bleeding. So true. It takes everything you have–your thoughts, your heart, your mind, your strength, your weaknesses, your faith, and, as you say, your hope. I gave you all the votes I could except funny! I’m so glad you shared this hub! This is nicely written – with passion, empathy and a commitment to persevere. You are beautifully reflective and candid with an intertwining perspective of both the writer as well as the reader. Please continue to share your voice – we hear you and hear you well. By the way, thank you for all you do on HubPages and your Teaching Times newsletters. I’m looking forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing your heart and these truths! Writing is incredibly difficult, but it is also wonderfully fulfilling. Like any field it requires discipline–but in the case of the writer it must be internally sourced. It’s a lonely calling, but indeed a noble one. After all, “In the beginning was the Word” (John 1:1). What a joy and a burden we carry, those of us called to words!

Rebecca, that means a lot, especially coming from you. Thank you for your kind words and take care! Samson, thank you for such beautiful encouragement. You have no idea how much that means. I love what you say about it not being a competition. It’s so good to remember that. I will keep “bleeding through my fingers,” as you say, because once you start writing, how can you stop? Very well written with compassion and feeling. Qualities that come from deep within. You are right, many are writing, but you are only in competition with yourself. No other writer has what you do inside. Your readers are looking to find you and you alone in your writings so just hold your head high and ‘bleed through your fingers’ as you pour your soul into what you love doing young lady. RTalloni, thank you so much for the encouraging compliments. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you: I have been away from HP for a while. I would be honoured for you to link this to your hub on milestones.

Thanks and take care! Interesting and encouraging. Voted up. Looking forward to checking out more of your work! Would like to link this hub to mine on my HP milestones. Please let me know if you have any objection. HPNurse, thank you so much for your kind comments! I love the way you blended the quotes from famous authors with your own personal experiences to show how difficult, yet how rewarding writing from the heart can be. Kudos to you for going back to school and completing your degree in English Education. I’m so glad to hear that you finally have someone you love supporting and encouraging your writing efforts. JCShelton, wow, good for you for writing a novel. That is a real act of courage! Very nice. Thanks so much for dropping by, and for such an encouraging comment. When I started my journey, little did I know just how consistently self-doubt hover above. Now, half-way through a novel, I have a clearer picture of things. However, anyone who writes needs an article like this on a daily basis.

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