Total Recall 1990 and Total Recall 2012 
Total Recall was a 1990 American science fiction action film directed by Paul Verhoeven. It this first film before Philip Kindred Dick write novel called by based story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”.


Films are rated before release based on content so that viewers can decide if it is suitable for them. ‘X’ rating existed in America from 1968 until 1990, when the rating changed to ‘NC-17’. The original Total Recall was packed full of violence but before release was adapted to make it more suitable to a broader audience. It was released with an ‘R’ rating.
What you think when you compare the films Total Recall 1990 and Total Recall 2012 and what is the difference between them?
I was watching the first Total Recall made in 1990. I found it on the Internet using “F Movies”. I firstly watched both movies in order to compare and contrast the Story Lines and in order to see the similarities and differences. Total Recall 1990 and Total Recall 2012 
I watched both Movies the first difference I noticed was that the 2012 Movie ran for 2 hours and 10 minutes while the original 1990 Movie ran for 1 hour and 53 minutes.
The stories are very different story base because when they filmed the original it was based on a story about the Earth and Mars while the new film has a completely different set up in that they make the comparison between GB and Australia. Total Recall 1990 and Total Recall 2012 
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The new film is Total Recall 2012.
The new film remake by Total Recall is a 2012 American science fiction action film directed by Len Wiseman.
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Why remake Total Recall 2012?
In my research, I also looked at other industry professionals who review films I specifically look at Mark Kermodes review.
What does he say?

  1. Special Effect improved
  2. Story line changed
  3. Made money for remake new Total Recall 2012
  4. reputation for famous Producer
  5. Visual Effects

Mark Kermodes was disappointed and felt the new film had a different and poor story line. For example, the ridiculous plot change from Earth and Mars to Great Britain and Australia being reached by a machine travelling through the earth’s core. It makes no sense. In addition, Kermodes said the Total Recall 2012 film has a good choice of actors. For example, Colin Farrell is an ordinary looking guy, unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger who already looked like a “super spy”. Also in the old film the female actress, Sharon Stone’s, character died early on in the film. In the 2012 film her character continues to the very end. The new film has more female actresses, including big blockbuster action heroines, for example Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale. The CGI is less enjoyable than plastic effects. Total Recall 1990 and Total Recall 2012 
I agree with Kermodes’ review that that the changes in the plot have weakened the film. The new story line is poor by comparison. The 2012 film incorporates a lot of visual effects, including lighting, and the plot seems to have been forgotten.
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Which a better films have two films are called “Total Recall 1990 and Total Recall 2012”?
I have thought about which film has the better story, “Total Recall 1990″ and ” Total recall 2012, and I feel “Total recall 1990”. This is because I found the plot of travel from Earth to Mars, very interesting. I enjoyed seeing the environment of the dusty, red planet, learning about its atmosphere and having to wear a space suit. I found it educational and entertaining seeing what happened to the two characters when their space suits failed. I found the mutant alien characters fascinating. I consider and felt this film Total recall 1990 more entertaining with a more interesting plot than “Total recall 2012.  Total Recall 1990 and Total Recall 2012 
“Hard-R vs. PG-13: The original film is very violent and gory, with lots of bloodshed, including heads exploding. The new film has been compared to a video game, specifically Call of Duty, which is “mostly bloodless since most of what Quaid shoots are mindless robots.”
What film Total recall 2012 is should improve weaker link about story and scene area?
I thought and felt the Total Recall 2012 should have improved scene and story focus because was too much focus about Visual Effect and Special effect. The film “Total Recall 2012 story was weak because the was confuse, not clear. I consider they should remake the film with   balance stories and visual Effects, Special Effect and good character with actor.
Total recall was one of the first films to use computer-generated imagery. It also one of the last to mostly use the older method of scale model sets. For example, Total Recall’s Mars scenes were created using miniature scale model sets. Computer Generated Imagery CGI was to become the leading method of producing special effects in Hollywood filmmaking after Total Recall this change come about as a result of innovations made while making the film. Total Recall marked the change from the older technology of miniature scale models to the new technology of CGI.
Why was plot of mars replaced in total recall 2012?
I noticed that the scenes about Mars were missing in Total Recall 2012 I found this confusing as the story was very similar to the original Total Recall with this exception. The film director Len Wiseman made the decision to remove the Mars element from the remake although/despite Mars being a strong element in the original film as well as the Philip K Dick story that inspired both films. I consider film director Len Wiseman made the wrong decision.
Len Wiseman said: 
“The short story actually never travels to Mars. The threat is actually an invasion to Earth Quaid or Quail was a put in position to hopefully stop this invasion from happening to Earth. However, Dan O’Bannon, who I think was the first writer on that one, took creative license to go in the other way of creating the alien aspect of it. When people go, ‘Well if this doesn’t go to Mars then it’s not really inspired by Philip K. Dick.’ I go, ‘Wow, you guys. It didn’t even go to Mars”.

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