Group Presentation and ReportGroups of 3 to 5 students will form in week 2 or 3. The purpose of this activity is to allow learners the opportunity to work in groups to integrate your learning in a practical way and to report their findings accordingly.

Evaluate Using theories and concepts studied in this course critically analyse and evaluate one of the following SHRM topics.
Overview of presentation or a copy of power point slides to be handed in prior to the presentation, (include bibliography and class discussion points or questions)
. Training & development
Grading Criteria
• Stimulating presentation style? Is the presentation an interesting learning experience?
• Presents a well-argued view that challenges audience & stimulates thinking?
• Presents original insight or research related to personal experience?
• Clear evidence of independent research, thinking and reflection?
• Structure and content: Are all aspects of the presentation/report integrated logically and coherently?
• Have you answered the question?
• Has a range of material beyond the set texts been used?
• Have you documented/acknowledged all sources, both in the power point slides and the reference list/bibliography?

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