UBC Personal Profile Questions-Year 2017

  1. Tell us about an experience, in school or out, that taught you something about yourself and/or the world around you. (maximum 200 words)

One of the most impressive experience of mine is to be an volunteer at the animal shelters. When I first saw those dogs and cats, I feel pity about those vulnerable animals deeply inside my heart. As a volunteer, I helped those animals for grooming every week. This experience taught me to be a responsible person. Personally, I think responsibility is really important in my life. Although pets seem like just a part of their owners’ life, pets will love their owners persistently for their whole life. Once people adopt the pets, they should be responsible for their choices. If the owner could not be able to keep the pets, then they should find a proper way to find a new home for the pets. In addition, those abandoned cats and dogs were stink and smelly when they first arrived in the animal shelter. Some of pets are disabled just because of they got abandoned by their owners. In this world, everyone has some different roles, as partners, as family and etc., we should be responsible for all of them.

  1. Be it inside or outside of the classroom, what have you done to challenge yourself intellectually? Describe an issue, topic or area of study that you have investigated or pursued. (maximum 200 words)

The most challenging thing in my high school life is the project called “travel around Canada by 1000 dollars”. This project is assigned by my social study instructor.  I was pretty surprised when I got this project, because the budget was too limited to travel around Canada. However, I came up with a challenging plan to do this project. The first step was brainstorming. I supposed to think about where I could go by using 1000 dollars. Then I chose several locations, including Toronto, Montreal and etc.. After that, I started to allocate the budget in this trip. Specifically, I searched the prices of flight tickets, train tickets, hotel costs and food costs and etc.. To make an efficient plan, I made a clear table to show all of the costs and I made the comparisons between those prices. The final step is to arrange the trip schedule. This was the most complicated step, I summarized all the information in previous steps and schedule the time. This project is literally a great intellectual challenge for me, I think it is an useful skill in life. In addition, this project taught me how to make efficient plans.

  1. Explain how you responded to a problem and/or an unfamiliar situation. What did you do, what was the outcome, and what did you learn from the experience? (maximum 200 words)

I have an unforgettable job experience on last summer break. I was a spoiled girl in my family, this means I do not need to be worried about money. However, my parents decided to stop giving me lunch money for the whole summer break. I felt like this is the end immediately. However, I have to find a job, because  I could not be beaten by hunger. I started to do my personal resume, and send out to many companies and firms. I found my experience and education levels could not satisfy most well-paid jobs requirements. After having more than 10 times interviews and getting many “no” answers, I finally got a job in a clothing boutique. I worked as a sales representative. My job is helping customers to find their desirable products, doing cashier job, cleaning the shop and etc.. From this experience, I feel really good to spend what I earn. Also, I learned many things which I could not learn in school, which is precious for me.

  1. Describe up to fiveactivities that you have pursued in one or more of the following areas… Please outline the activity and describe how it affected you or others.

Activity Type (Please Choose One):

  • leadership/group contributions (e.g., student government, community activity, family responsibility; involvement in Aboriginal culture or community)
  • academic achievements (e.g., research project; success in a contest; prize for high standing)
  • sports (e.g., team membership; participation in competitions)
  • creative and performing arts
  • work
  • service to others

Time (Please Choose One):
-Regular week activity less than 5 hours per week
-Regular week activity 5-10 hours per week
-Regular week activity greater than 10 hours per week
-One Week Event
-One Day Event
-Other (Provide Details in Description Field)
Activity Type* : Leadership
Start Date* :  2016/05/09
End Date*: 2016/05/15                                       or   Ongoing
Time*: Regular week activity (5-10 hrs per week)
Short Description for Activity 1* (maximum 50 words)
Raising funds event for the fire in Alberta, we got thousands of dollars donation.I organized some volunteers in my school to get donations in school and outside school.
Activity Type* :  Service to others
Start Date* :  2015/04/20
End Date*:  2015/08/29                                      or   Ongoing
Time* Regular week activity (5-10 hrs per week)
Short Description for Activity 1* (maximum 50 words)
Volunteering for the Global Painting Competition. I devise the poster and post it up in the school to advertise the competition. Also, I appeal my schoolmates and friends to participate this painting competition and collect their works to compete the final competition which is held in the Olympic Oval.
Activity Type* :   Service to others
Start Date* :  2015 Federal Election Campaign starts
End Date*:   2015 Federal Election Campaign ends                                     or   Ongoing
Time* Regular week activity (5-10 hrs per week)
Short Description for Activity 1* (maximum 50 words)
Volunteering for Liberal Party Election events. During Justin Trudeau voting in Vancouver, there is a dinner for renowned people in the society to raise money, which support Liberal to vote significantly. We serve them, and also perform ‘O Canada’ to start the event.
Activity Type* :  Service to others
Start Date* :  2014/04/28
End Date*:  2014/08/25                                      or   Ongoing
Time*  Regular week activity (5-10 hrs per week)
Short Description for Activity 1* (maximum 50 words)
Holding Tibetan Culture Event in Downtown Vancouver. My job responsibility is to sell tickets, introduce Tibetan Culture detailedly, help customers and etc.
Activity Type* :   work
Start Date* :  2016/05/02
End Date*: 2016/08/30                                       or   Ongoing
Time*: Once per week
Short Description for Activity 1* (maximum 50 words)
Part-time job in a boutique shop called “31 Market” in Richmond, BC. My job responsibility is to help customers, cleaning the shop, doing cashier job and etc. 

  1. Tell us more about one of the activities you listed above by explaining what your goals were, the role you played, and what you learned in the process. (maximum 200 words)

The most impressive activity for me is raising fire release funds for Alberta. I organized a fundraising activity in my high school when I see the fire news reported about Alberta. The goal is to raise funds in order to help the fire release in Alberta. I am the founder and the leader of this activity. During the fundraising process, I organized some volunteers in my school to get donations in school and outside school. Also, we created a facebook page for raising fire release fund. During the activity, some people just walk away from us. I think we could understand that people have their own choices, we should respect their decisions. I also found most people would like to help, pennies and loonies can help a lot. Finally, we raised more than five thousand dollars directly to the Red Cross Association. From this experience, I learned it was a pleasure to make contributions to the community.

  1. Additional Information: Applicants may wish to explain why they want to study their particular program at UBC. (maximum 100 words)

I would like to apply the faculty of arts at UBC, because I am eager to learn the Economics especially. I really like economics, and I used to think about how the market trends would affect the entire economic system.  I think the econ program at UBC may help me to learn more innovative knowledge.
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