A few weeks ago, my Beloved Master had me do a writing exercise. He wanted me to practice my girliest sissy handwriting style. To do the assignment, i had to wear my frilliest pink sissy dress with huge petticoats. My normal wearing of a corset and an open bottom girdle with two pair of stockings was also to be part of my attire. In addition i had to wear diapers while i did the assignment. It is such a turn on for me to be so sissified. For the writing assignment, i had to write, ”I love being a total sissy petwife and being owned by my darling Master Sam. I love wearing dresses and diapers and high heels all day, every day for Him.” And i needed to do it 100 times. It was required to put little hearts for all the periods and when i dotted an “i”. It was also required for me to do the whole written assignment in one sitting.

Photos of me doing the assignment were also required. As i wrote the words, i spoke them out loud so that i repeated the lovely words my Master had me write to improve my sissy handwriting. Due to the length of my continuous assignment i soaked my diapers, but continued on with my assignment to follow my Master’s directives. The wetting of my diapers as I wrote added to my feelings of deep humiliation. My Master is such a sweetheart for training me to be a proper sissy. Him. All this made me feel so submissive. It made me feel as though i had no control. Thank You, Master Sam for making me a better sissy and for fostering my ever deepening sissification. Here are some of my pictures that were part of my assignment. Note i was writing with a fluffy pink ball on the top of my pen. The last picture shows me on the floor with some of the many pages of writing my Master required of me.

What may be needed is only an encouraging push in the right direction. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Great to hear that! I know you will discover your style. Remember to set reachable goals and reward yourself when you obtain them no matter how small. I am always available to encourage aspiring writers. Thank you for this article. It came right on time for me, as I am trying to discover my niche and writing style. I am a beginner at writing, but have always aspired to do so, finally found the courage. This is great information. If you are new to writing or you have not written for a while start small. This means go to a public library, fast food place or your favorite coffee bistro. Observe your surroundings and then compose a couple of paragraphs regarding the sights and sounds. Don’t name the place, then pass your information to a friend. See if they can identify where you are. If they can then you know you are on the right path to being a writer! Once you decide your viewing audience, then it is important to customize your writing to attract that particular segment. Make sure you consider all demographics pertinent to your specific genre.

Samsung and androids already had bigger screens. Comment on or answer (if you do this, do all 4 parts below). Do you think the bigger screens now more prevalent are much more useful, and will they get bigger? Is there another way to evolve the human interface? Explain what new security features Apple introduced or is counting on for the e-wallet service? And do you think that the e-wallet features Apple is putting in on this service can make the service become widely used, as opposed to usage for small niche or markets or users? Is there an equivalent Android service? Would you buy the i-watch and why? Or other Android or Apple compatible wearables? We will do more in later weeks on NFC. Remember to please title your topic descriptively but briefly as to what it is (eg, Answers to Prof. Questions, or Answer to Question 1 on Erlang traffic, or Question on WiFi) so other students can navigate easier.

An important goal of the criminal justice system is to use the information gathered about crimes to understand and predict criminal behavior. “Violent Crime” or “Property Crime”). Then, choose a specific crime within one of those categories (e.g., Violent Crime: Murder). 2. You will need both national data and your state’s data for the crime you chose. Choose your state to research that type of crime: Under “Browse By,” click “City Agency,” click “Table 8,” and choose a state. Gather the national data for that type of crime: Under “Browse By,” click “National Data”; use the tables to answer the questions. · Explain how the UCR can help public safety officials predict crime and present crime rates to the American public. · Based on the data and what you have learned in the course, forecast the criminal activity for the nation, your state, or a selected city. · Compare the UCR data for the crime you selected with the same statistical information for that crime in 1950 (you will need to search for these statistics). Are there similarities or differences or can you infer from the data that the trends have remained the same? · How can government officials use the crime statistics data from the 1970s to predict crime twenty years later? How reliable are the statistics in the UCR? Are law enforcement agencies required to report their criminal incidents for compilation in the yearly UCR? Include a title page with your name, date, and assignment title and check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Provide at least three references (one may be your textbook) in the APA format that you used in writing your paper (make sure all your in-text citations link to a reference in your list). You should read the grading rubric before starting your paper to ensure you cover all the material appropriately.

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