United States and Canadian Health care Systems

Health care in Canada has a single payer or publically funded, while the United States system is multi-payer funded or heavily dependent on private system. In Canada, the government tends to fund almost all services required for general health care in day to day living. However, there are a number of private entities that offer specialized care, but they are disregarded by the citizens for their expensive nature on delivery of general health care. Canadian health care system is guided by Canada Health Act of 1984 which assists in ensuring health care is available to all irrespective of their age. The country ensures that health care remains free to the citizens by allocating most of its gross domestic income to health care provision. Though the health insurance cards are issued to all both employed and unemployed they are not used to cover cosmetic surgeries and private rooms for hospitalized persons since these are not considered as general health care. In general, Canadian health care system is similar to that of the United States mode of financing being the only difference. However, the two systems may yield different outcomes in health care considering one is publically funded therefore free to citizens while the other is privately funded meaning it is costly for the citizens (Caulfield, Tigerstrom, 49).
Canadians strongly support their health care system as evidenced by Nanos Research in 2009. Canadians feel that their system is best compared to that of the United States because it ensures health care is available for all. The system is not dependant on wealth; it is therefore the best for the growth and stability of the health care industry (Strategic Counsel Survey, 2008). The survey also stated that 86.2% of Canadians feel that the government is actually doing a good job and the work cannot be compared to what the private sector offers. Moreover, we find that 8% of Canadians felt that the private sector provided better health care than what was offered in the public sector or in public hospitals. They further admitted that even though the government ensured all citizens are able to get general health care, quality of care especially for chronic diseases and other terminal diseases was not good. This is because the public hospital were not only quite congested but also under staffed. It is worth noting that even though 8% of Canadians preferred the private sector like that of the United States, majority of Canadians preferred their system and congratulated the government (Jacobs and Jonsson, 168).
United States health care system is heavily private system as earlier mentioned. According to Jonas and Kovner (2008) the United States health system is quality oriented. Health care is quite expensive but at the same time attention is drawn on quality, and that is that the government concentrates on and also the public. The government has embossed strict guidelines for health care providers that ensure that all persons visiting a registered health facility get quality care. Though expensive than the Canadian public system it is more effective. In support to this statement, one can easily relate the increase of infant mortality rate and reduced life expectancy rate in Canada to the poor health care in public hospitals. Due to congestion and understaffing in this hospital it becomes difficult to ensure the health practitioners provide excellent care. Bottom line, even though Canadian health care system is economical for the citizens, United States system is more effective and therefore a better health system.

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