Now you need to research the topic and write a 500-1000 word (1 to 2 pages) writeup about the topic. Please use the following list of topics as a guideline to write your essay. The assignment will be written in an essay format and not in a question-answer format. Write the essay in a word document.

– Describe the issues in detail (15%)

– What type of organisms are used (10%)

– Why is this a bioethical issue, what are the repercussions of this for us, the environment and other organisms we share the planet with (30%)

– Do you support or refute the issue and why, you could take a neutral view if that is what you believe (25%)

– Do you see a solution or a way around this, so it isn’t an issue anymore? (20%)

– Well researched (5%). provide references from scientific or news articles, scientific websites, books etc. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source

– Written in a cohesive format (5%)

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