Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Paper (1,050 – 1,450 words);

Due Week 4; Day 7; 2359 Hours AZ Time


Complete the simulation “Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing” individually. The link to the simulation can be found on eResource, week 4. Once you have completed the simulation individually, prepare a 1,050-1,450-word FORMAL APA paper in which you address the following:


1.  For each of the three major phases in the simulation, describe:


a) The situation


b) Your simulation team’s recommended solution(s), including justification for



c) Your results


  1. Summarize the different marketing components addressed in this simulation by

answering the following questions:


a)     What is the relationship between differentiation and positioning of  product or services?  Is the repositioning of the product in the simulation as you had expected it to be? Why or why not?


b)    What is the impact of the product life cycle on marketing? What impact did the product life-cycle have on the product in the simulation?


3.  Remember to use APA format, including writing in the third person, an abstract, section


headers, title page as well as properly citing all of your sources both in your narrative as well as on an end-of-paper references list. No references should appear on your reference list if the source is also not cited within your paper

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