“Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” article by Heyworth (2011)

Unit II Article Critique

According to some lay groups, the nation is experiencing an autism epidemic—a rapid escalation in the prevalence of autism for unknown reasons. However, no sound scientific evidence indicates that the increasing number of diagnosed cases of autism arises from anything other than purposely broadened diagnostic criteria, coupled with deliberately greater public awareness and intentionally improved case finding.

Read the “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” article by Heyworth (2011) and write a summary of the article explaining the reasons why the public perception regarding the prevalence of autism may stem from the use of vaccinations.
discuss this article using the scientific theories covered in this unit.
Heyworth, K.K. (2011). Vaccines do not cause autism. Ed. Haugen, D., & Musser, S. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. Retrieved from the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database.

Using Psychology, Tenth Edition by Carol Wade and Carol Tavris

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